Marvel’s Midnight Suns Update 1.02 for Last Gen Consoles

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Update 1.02 for Last Gen Consoles

Marvel’s Midnight Suns game has released update 1.02 for last-generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. This update brings cool improvements and fixes to make your gaming experience even better. Let’s check out the Midnight Suns patch notes to see what’s new! So, as far as the cheapest Xbox One games go, this title is easily among the best now.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – General Improvements

The game has been made more stable and performs better with update 1.02. Now you can play without any interruptions and have a smoother time in the Midnight Suns universe.

Mission Card Flexibility

You can now add mission cards to your hand, even if it’s already full. Before, you couldn’t add more cards when your hand was full. This change allows you to be more strategic and adapt your gameplay as you wish.

Mission Rewards Display

You will now see your mission rewards on the Victory Screen. Previously, they weren’t showing up properly, but now you can enjoy seeing your rewards and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Improved Hero Deck Screen

The Hero Deck screen is also much better now. It now correctly checks for new collars and suit passives. This means you can see all the abilities and passive effects of your hero correctly now. You can optimize your hero’s performance and play in your preferred style.

Optimized Charlie’s Stats and Navigation

For those who play as Charlie, the Hunter character, his stats have been adjusted for better balance. This makes him even stronger during battles. Navigation improvements have also been made specifically for Charlie in the Abbey, so moving around will be smoother and more enjoyable.

Fixes for New Game+

Some issues present in the New Game+ are also gone now. Previously, certain missions were not appearing during Act 1 of NG+ campaigns. Now, you can experience the full story without any problems and enjoy the game properly after you finish it once.

Expanded Customization in New Game+

Update 1.02 also adds more customization options in New Game+. You can now toggle hero abilities, friendship levels, resources, and unlocked cosmetics. This allows you to personalize your gameplay and create unique experiences. The overall game will suit your style a lot more and lead to a new experience every time.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – It’s A Much Better Game Now

In conclusion, Marvel’s Midnight Suns update 1.02 for last-gen consoles brings lots of improvements and fixes. Enjoy a more stable game, use mission cards more flexibly, and experience the optimized hero deck screen. Join thrilling adventures in New Game+ and customize your gameplay. Get ready for an amazing time in the world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns! However, for a different type of fighting experience, we suggest you give Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a try. It is easily one of the best options in the cheapest Xbox One games.

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