Sonic Frontiers – A Worthy Option to Buy Xbox Series X Games

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Sonic Frontiers – A Worthy Option to Buy Xbox Series X Games

If you are looking to buy Xbox Series X games, then one of the best options right now is Sonic Frontiers. A descendant of a series that has a huge global fanbase, this game offers a lot of fun features. Of course, you will still find some limitations to it, but that is true for most games. Let us take you through what this game has to offer and what you can expect as a player.

Introduction of the Game

Sonic the Hedgehog has a strong fanbase, but opinions differ on which modern Sonic games are the best. Some argue that Sonic Heroes is the best, while others favor Sonic Generations, Sonic Mania, or Sonic Adventure. Sonic Frontiers, a new Sonic game that introduces an open world, is no exception to the franchise’s tendency to reinvent. So much so, that the changes they have added may be confusing to players.

We Buy Xbox Series X Games for the Story

Set on the mysterious Starfall Islands, Sonic, Amy, and Tails investigate the appearance of the Chaos Emeralds on these seemingly deserted islands. However, Amy and Tails are suddenly sucked into a wormhole called Cyber Space, thereby leaving Sonic alone on the islands. Digital versions of his friends appear to guide him through the new locations.

The open world sections of Sonic Frontiers are full of activities that, when completed, reveal pieces of the map. These activities range in variety, but they are not very challenging. There are also collectibles that you can find throughout the world. These include rings, Chaos Emeralds, vault keys, memory tokens, and portal gears. It is not clear how many of each collectible you need to progress, but there are hundreds to find.

The Gameplay Mechanics

The Cyber Space levels, which you unlock by collecting portal gears, are more traditional Sonic levels. Most of them you can complete in about a minute. These levels also award vault keys, which you use to open the Chaos Emerald vaults in the open world sections. In addition to the levels and open world exploration, Sonic Frontiers includes a fishing minigame with Big the Cat. Furthermore, you also have boss battles against Titans, which are large enemies that require puzzle-like solutions to defeat.

Partly Decent Experience for People Who Buy Xbox Series X Games

The open world sections of Sonic Frontiers have a strange blend of cartoon characters in realistic worlds. This can be quite jarring to look at sometimes. The graphics are generally good, but the frame rate can be a bit inconsistent. The controls are also somewhat clunky, particularly when using the homing attack. The soundtrack is catchy and fits the theme of the game, but the voice acting is not always great.

Overall, Sonic Frontiers has some enjoyable elements, but it is not without its flaws.

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