The Callisto Protocol: New Riot Mode and DLC Now Available!

Xbox Series S Games Price

The Callisto Protocol: New Riot Mode and DLC Now Available!

The Callisto Protocol, a thrilling sci-fi horror game, just got an exciting update called Riot Mode. This new game mode lets you challenge yourself and compete for high scores. It’s time to put your gaming skills to the test and see why this game is worth its Xbox Series S games price!

The Riot Bundle: More Content, More Fun!

The Riot Bundle is a great addition to The Callisto Protocol. Alongside Riot Mode, it includes The Prospector Skin Collection and 11 brand-new enemy death animations. So, get ready for even more fun and immersive gameplay!

Xbox Series S Games Price – Survive Endless Waves of Enemies

In Riot Mode, you’ll find yourself in an isolated corner of a prison. It’s just you against the world, with only three rooms and connecting hallways to navigate. Inside, you’ll find loot crates full of valuable items like health gel packs, injectors, GRP batteries, and ammo. But be ready – you’ll face waves of biophage enemies who come in many strengths and compositions.

Choose Your Arsenal and Fight!

To survive in Riot Mode, you’ll have a huge arsenal at your disposal. Equip yourself with a stun baton, hand cannon, riot gun, and the trusty GRP. So, these will help you take down the more challenging biophage enemies that stand in your way.

Unlock Rampage Mode for an Edge!

As you move up in Riot Mode, you’ll see stronger foes like the Two-Head. But don’t worry – you can gain an edge using the unique “rampage mode”. By scoring points and filling up your meter, you’ll unlock short periods of unlimited ammo and GRP charges. Therefore, use this wisely to win the game!

Available on All Platforms

The Riot Bundle and Riot Mode are available on all major gaming platforms. Whether you’re playing on Xbox Series S|X, PC, PS5, or other latest consoles, you can join in on the action. So, take your gaming experience to the next level!

A Great Value for Your Money

You can get the Riot Bundle separately as well. However, if you want to get more content, then get the Digital Deluxe Edition or Season Pass. These options offer even more value and give you access to more exciting features and updates.

Striking Distance Studios and the Path Forward

Striking Distance Studios, the developer behind The Callisto Protocol, has had challenges in meeting its sales targets. The game’s development cost £132 million ($161.5 million) over three years, and the parent company, Krafton’s value, went down due to low sales. However, The Callisto Protocol has had positive feedback for its intense action and exciting gameplay that is a lot like the Dead Space series.

Xbox Series S Games Price – Get Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure!

With the new Riot Mode and the enticing Riot Bundle, The Callisto Protocol offers an unforgettable gaming experience. Challenge yourself to survive endless waves of enemies, unlock special abilities, and compete for high scores. So, there is a lot here that tells you why this game is worth its Xbox Series S games price.

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