Top Four Methods of Acquiring FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

FIFA 23 coins xbox

Top Four Methods of Acquiring FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

So, you have your FIFA 23, and it is time to get down to business. Wait a minute! You need some FIFA 23 Coins Xboxto to obtain in-game assets. Maximizing the number of coins is crucial to your gaming experience in FIFA Ultimate Team, especially within the first few weeks of getting your game. This post looks at ways to grow your FIFA 23 Coins Xbox balance.

Method #1: The SBC Solution Method

This involves purchasing players required to complete specific Squad Building Challenges and trading them off for a profit after the value increases. You can implement this method in two ways. The first is SBC predicting and involves predicting the Squad Building Challenges to be released.

This may seem difficult, but if you understand that Ultimate Team is more of a pattern-driven game, you can get a hang of it. You can predict future SBCs by analyzing previous SBCs in FIFA 22. The second way to implement this solution is to use market-based sites to see fan-made SBC solutions.

You will find thousands of players submitting the same squads for a Squad Building Challenge. With many people buying the same cards, the demand grows and outweighs the supply. This will increase the price, and you can capitalize on this by trading your cards.

Method #2: FIFA Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles

Now, this does not involve buying or selling Chemistry Style. It is about applying chemistry styles to some players and selling off the players for a higher price than normal.

For example, if a player sells for 25,000 FIFA 23 Coins Xbox, you can apply a hunter chemistry style on them and sell them for about 30,000 coins. Many people prefer buying players with a chemistry style to buying normal players and then applying the chemistry style.

Method #3: The Out of Pack Method

This involves leveraging a short supply of cards. Generally, people list FUT cards on the market after opening packs. Every time gamers open a pack, they inject a supply of cards into the market. However, the cards can go out of the pack and become unavailable for a couple of days.

This happens when a player gets a special card upgrade, and the new card replaces the gold card in the pack for a time being and cuts off the gold card supply. When you invest in some gold-rated players who may get special card upgrades, you set yourself up for a big profit. You will make lots of coins when others’ gold cards go out of the pack.

Method #4: Open Bid Method

This is a fast way to earn FIFA 23 coins Xboxin the game. The open Bid method involves taking advantage of price discrepancies between the “buy now” price and “bid price” of a card. That means you can buy a card for a cheaper open bid price and sell it at a higher buy-now price.


These are four smart methods you can use to get more FIFA 23 coins Xbox. Of course, you can also buy the coins directly from the market. This saves you the technicalities of these different methods.

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