FIFA Coins Xbox: How to Spend FIFA Points and Earn more Coins

fifa coins xbox

FIFA Coins Xbox: How to Spend FIFA Points and Earn more Coins

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition offers numerous bonuses including 4600 FIFA points. So, how do you get the best value out of the points? In truth, it all depends on your ability and skills in the game. You can make a lot of FIFA coins Xbox through these bonuses. In this post, we will look at the best ways to spend your FIFA Points to earn more coins. Let us get started!

How to Use Your FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Bonuses to earn FIFA Coins Xbox

You have two ways to spend your bonuses. Firstly, you can buy packs with them. This is what most gamers do. With 4600 points, you can buy some impressive packs. However, you can do better than this first method.

By the way, the only special player cards you can get with points are Team of the Weeks, but with time, you may get more options. If you are lucky, you can sell your player cards for some FIFA coins Xbox. The second option for using your bonuses is to play draft. It costs only 300 FIFA points to play the FUT draft.

You can play online or choose the single-player. The good thing is you have a guarantee on the FUT draft. Even if you lose the first round, you still get rewards for the equivalent of 150 FIFA points. While this may not be the best of rewards, you still get something for your lack of skills.

Also, you will receive a combination of silver and 5k packs when you lose your first round in the game. You can convert these rewards to FIFA coins Xbox easily through the transfer market.

Can you earn more FIFA Coins Xbox with Better Performance in FUT Draft?

Yes, of course! You only get a minimal reward when you lose in the first round. If you can play to the final stage, you will receive significantly higher reward packs. These rewards are far better than if you open packs with the points in the store.

However, you must demonstrate a good level of confidence when playing through the stages of the FUT Draft. You must also be willing to play to the end online. If you lack confidence, stick with a single-player draft. While this takes longer to complete and is tedious, you still earn the rewards at the end.

However, you must understand what playing a single-player draft entails. You play against the AI, and this can be very boring. You must also choose a difficulty level where you can play to the end to complete the four rounds.


With this, you get the best rewards. You only need to spend 300 FIFA points out of the 4600 you have to enter a draft, and you may go through it fifteen times to complete the whole stages. While it may seem tedious, you get to earn more FIFA coins Xbox in the process.

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