3 Tricks to Make Loads of FIFA Coins Xbox in Ultimate Team

FIFA coins xbox

3 Tricks to Make Loads of FIFA Coins Xbox in Ultimate Team

Coins are critical to your success in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. You can trade to earn loads of them. The truth is earning FIFA coins Xbox is easier than you think, especially when you use the right tricks.

Instead of spending hours playing hundreds of matches to boost your coin-earning, you can make hundreds of thousands of FIFA coins with the simple tricks highlighted in this post. By the way, you can use these tricks to earn on any platform.

Trick #1: Leverage Price Fluctuation to make more FIFA Coins Xbox 

The price of items and players fluctuates based on the number of gamers playing and using the marketplace at the time. Prices usually go up during peak time when more players are online and dip when they are not. A large percentage of FIFA 23 gamers reside in Europe.

Therefore, the peak times are around 6:00 pm CET during the weekdays and weekends. EA Players also drops new content about this time, which attracts more players. Leverage this timeframe by buying players and items at off-peak and selling them at peak times. You can make loads of FIFA coins Xbox with this trick.

Trick #2: Leverage Meta Special Card Trading to make more FIFA Coins Xbox

You can trade Meta special cards to make more FIFA coins Xbox if you have the budget. Gamers usually desire to use Meta special cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. While these cards may not be the highest rated, they are fast players with features that make them perfect for the game.

One unique thing about these cards is that they go out of packs after the promo or team of the week. When this happens, there is a significant drop in their supply. This drastically increases the demand and, ultimately, the price.

Consider buying Meta special cards during promo when the supply is high and during off-peak time. Hold the cards in your club until the end of the pro. Then, you can sell them for a profit.

Trick #3: Explore SBCs with Guaranteed Profits

Some SBCs in FIFA 23 offer guaranteed profits. Although they are rare, they can be very profitable when done rightly. Guaranteed profit Squad Building Challenges offer tradable packs worth more than you submit.

Usually, the profit margin for these SBCs depends on how affordable they can be completed compared to what you can earn. Try using untradeable players in your club to maximize profits.

If you cannot complete the challenge with these players, wait until the challenge is close to the end and buy players when their prices drop. Usually, gamers play SBCs as soon as they are released, and players are expensive during this time. The price drops when most players complete the game.


As a bonus tip, you can consider leveraging mass open bids to make plenty of small FIFA coins Xbox across different cards. Therefore, look for cards with a high supply, including consumables, contracts, and gold Premier League players, and bid on them. Find out what their regular price is and buy at a lower price. You can sell them when the price increases.


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