Complete any SBC for Free and earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One

FIFA 23 coins xbox one

Complete any SBC for Free and earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One

Completing the latest Winter League Upgrades in FIFA 23 lets you complete SBCs for free. With this, you can fill your club with top overall players. EA Sports recently released the highly anticipated League SBCs. Grinding these challenges rewards you with many valuable packs, which you can exchange for FIFA 23 coins Xbox One.

Let us establish a fact. These SBCs are not free to play. However, you can complete them for a token and earn a profit in return.

Steps to Complete the Winter League Upgrade SBC and earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One

Step #1: Open Bronze packs and sell rare items and players from Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Eredivisie, and store others.

Step #2: Put your Bronze players in Winter Bronze Upgrade SBC and place the Silver players into Winter Silver Upgrade SBC.

Step #3: Use any common Golds from Leagues not included in the Gold Upgrade SBC.

Step #4: Complete your Premium Winter League Upgrade SBC. You can repeat the steps if you do not have adequate players to complete the SBC.

Step #5: Open your SBC pack rewards and stock up your club.

Using these steps significantly reduces the amount of FIFA 23 coins Xbox One you spend while completing the SBC. Moreover, you may be pleasantly surprised that you will make a profit while playing SBCs for free.

FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One: Highlights of Rewards from the Premium Winter League Upgrade

The Premium Winter League Upgrade has four SBC sections. Therefore, you will receive four packs of rewards, and the final group pack, which gives you a total of five packs. The highlight of the rewards is as follow:

  • Ligue 1 and Eredivisie: Jumbo Gold Pack
  • Bundesliga and Serie A: Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Libertadores and Sudamericana: Prime Electrum Players Pack, which is untradeable
  • Premier League and La Liga: Small Rare Gold Players Pack
  • Group Reward: Small Rare Gold Players Pack, which is untradeable

You can sell all tradable rewards and keep the FIFA 23 coins Xbox One you earn from the trade. This means you make a profit while obtaining the SBC fodder you require. It is worth mentioning that EA Sports will release daily player SBCs during the Winter Wildcard promo.

Therefore, following the tips highlighted in this post will help you obtain these players without spending your FIFA coins Xbox One.


You can save big and make more from completing SBCs if you know what to do. In fact, this post looks at tips for completing SBCs with almost no investment. So, follow these tips and boost your FIFA 23 coins Xbox One earning potential. Also, we recommend you develop skills and competence before getting into difficult-level SBC to ensure you qualify for the rewards.

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