Xbox Games Cheap – The Witcher 3 4.02 Update Improves Stability

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Xbox Games Cheap – The Witcher 3 4.02 Update Improves Stability

Patch 4.02 for The Witcher: Wild Hunt is set to roll out soon, and we can’t wait. It has many updates that improve the game’s overall stability and performance. The update will be available on all platforms and has fixes and improvements for each. Being an Xbox games cheap as well, this is great news for countless players out there.

Console players will see a range of upgrades and fixes with the update. Next-gen consoles will see a better Performance Mode. This should improve the overall performance and make the game more fun. Players on PS5 will also see a fix for the bug that makes characters blurry in dialogues and cutscenes.

Xbox Games Cheap – Improving Series X Ray Tracing

Xbox Series X players will get a fix for the memory usage issues in Ray Tracing Mode that causes crashes. Furthermore, a fix for quick saves not loading when using cross-progression on Xbox One is also coming. Previous-gen console players will also see the addition of two missing “Top notch swords!”. Additionally, an update that prevents the game from crashing when Geralt runs away from Shani is also coming.

Better CPU Core Utilization on PC

One of the most significant updates in the patch is the better CPU core use in the DX 12 version. This update will improve the performance, especially for those with high-end PCs.

Players on PC will also see the option for horizon-based ambient occlusion again. After the update, the players can manually turn on the feature under the Video and Graphics menu. Other PC updates include fixes for a flickering landscape in Toussaint and an issue with particles.

Many Visual Improvements Coming

The update will also bring a range of visual upgrades across PC and newer consoles. Players will notice a better water look, thanks to the use of refraction to SSR and ray-traced reflections. The update also fixes a visual issue with brick textures, where black artifacts covered stone arches. So, there will now be a Motion Blur slider in the options menu under Video and Graphics.

Updates to Quests and Gameplay

Players on all platforms will see updates to quests and gameplay. One of the most notable changes is the fix for the lack of a dialogue option in Battle Preparations. This currently prevents players from progressing during the objective “Let Avallac’h know everything’s ready.” Another fix addresses a bug where the door to the warehouse can lock permanently in Reason of State. This happens when the player knocks, enters, and then immediately leaves the building.

Xbox Games Cheap – Localization Updates

Finally, the update includes localization fixes across all platforms, even if they got The Witcher 3 Xbox games cheap. This includes updates to the Korean localization of Ciri’s and Geralt’s Gwent card descriptions. The punctuation issues in Arabic localization are gone, and an update to the Traditional Chinese font is also coming.

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