Starfield Boosted Sales by 1000% on Amazon


Starfield Boosted Sales by 1000% on Amazon

Starfield, a new game from Bethesda, increased the sales of Xbox Series X console by 1000% on Amazon. There is a lot of hype present around the game, and it seems like the chances of it dying down soon are quite low. At least that seems to be the case when you look at the number of Xbox games downloads for this game.

Xbox Games Starfield Offers Massive Exploration

Starfield is a new game from Bethesda, the makers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. It is a sci-fi role-playing game that lets you explore a vast and realistic universe.

You can create your own character, customize your spaceship, and choose your own adventure. Starfield was released on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, but some people could play it earlier.

The Reason Behind Starfield’ Popularity

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of the year. It has been praised by critics and gamers alike. We think Starfield is a game that changes how we see games and it is more than just an open world.

It offers a massive galaxy for you to travel in and see its details and surprises. This is by far one of the biggest projects that Bethesda has ever worked on. Starfield is also very popular on Twitch, where many people watch others play it.

Xbox Series X Sales Skyrocket

Starfield is an exclusive game for Xbox and PC. This means that you cannot play it on other consoles like PlayStation or Nintendo. So, a lot of people want to buy an Xbox Series X to play Starfield, and they did so as well.

According to Tech4Gamers, Xbox Series X sales went up by 1000% on Amazon US in the past few days. A Twitter user named PeterOvo5 showed a screenshot of Amazon’s best-selling gaming items.

The Xbox Series X was the fifth item on the list, behind Persona 3 Reload: Collector’s Edition – Xbox Series X. The screenshot also showed that the Xbox Series X had a sales rank of 32. Before that, it had a sales rank of 370.

So, the calculation here means that the Xbox Series X sold 1056% more than before, and it is clearly because of Starfield. Many people want to play the best game of the year on the best console of the year.

Xbox Games Starfield Awaits

If you want to play Starfield, you have two options. You can buy an Xbox Series X console and the game separately, or you can subscribe to Game Pass. Buying the game means you can own it forever and not have it tied to your subscription.

Of course, we all love an adventure, but having options is still nice. So, if you want to take on the galaxy in a Star Wars setting, then you have a great option. This Xbox games option is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and it is an epic game in every way!

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