Elden Ring DLC Absent from Summer Game Fest

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Elden Ring DLC Absent from Summer Game Fest

A lot of people out there were quite eager to see the new DLC for Elden Ring at the Summer Game Fest. So, with all the hype and expectations, not having it at the event was a big cause for disappointment. Many people present at the festival expressed their dismay. Given how much worth you get from Elden Ring for its Xbox Series S games price, it is easy to understand why that is. However, we think there might be a good reason why we did not get to see the DLC at the event.

Xbox Series S Games Price – Major Development Happening

Firstly, you can expect to see a lot happening in the DLC for Elden Ring. This is due to the fact that the original game took so much effort to build and perfect.

So, FromSoftware, the company behind Elden Ring, would naturally want to take its time. So far, we only have a single picture for the DLC from the company, and it is just the silhouette of a character on Torrent.

Who this character might be is anyone’s guess. However, it is enough to let people know that a DLC is in the works.

The Biggest DLC of All?

Secondly, another interesting thing that we have been hearing about a lot actually is the size of this DLC. Rumor has it that the Shadow of Erdtree will be the size of two DLCs in one.

So, while the waiting time may make you feel frustrated, at least you will be treated with a long enough expansion. This is something that pretty much everyone is hoping for, especially with the teaser itself being so short.

More Work Means More Wait

Thirdly, if the above rumor is true, that is a great explanation of why FromSoftware shared no update. Making a DLC that big also means it would take a lot more work and time to finish it.

So, taking more time would only mean that they want to do it right. We all know of the recent failures of some other titles that were hastily built (Redfall). So, you can imagine why it would be a good idea for the company to take such a long time.

Xbox Series S Games Price – Armored Core 6 Coming Too

Finally, FromSoft is also getting ready for the release of Armored Core 6. The game is coming out in August, and if anything needs marketing expense, then it must be this title. With its release date being in August, fans are also excited to see what it has to offer.

Will it also be worth its Xbox Series S games price? Or will it prove to be less than the perfection that gamers now expect from this studio after Elden Ring? Either way, we will have to wait and see.

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