Xbox One Games – More Countries Get Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox One Games – More Countries Get Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is taking another step towards offering its Friends & Family plan for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate worldwide. The company is going to launch this plan in six new countries, and they are not from a specific region.

The countries include Chile, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden. With this addition, the plan is now available in eight countries globally, including Ireland and Colombia. It has been under testing in the first two countries since last year. That means people in these countries get to share Xbox One games and other titles with friends and family now.

Xbox One Games – How the Plan Works

The Friends & Family plan allows you to add up to four additional people to the same membership. These additional members will get all the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That includes Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, and EA Play.

The plan does naturally cost a bit more than the standard Game Pass access. However, it provides more value for money as multiple users can enjoy the service with one plan.

However, there are a few caveats to be aware of before joining the Friends & Family plan. Each user must be in the same country as the primary member.

Also, if you are upgrading from an existing prepaid Ultimate tier, your remaining subscription will convert as well.

Each month remaining on your membership will become 18-days of Friends & Family. So, you get the same monetary value and don’t lose any existing credit.

No Options for Xbox All Access Members

Sadly, members on Xbox All Access cannot participate in the plan. This is because Game Pass Ultimate membership intrinsically ties to repayments for the console itself.

Pricing for the Friends & Family plan also varies by country. For example, in Ireland, it costs €21.99 per month, which is €9 more than the conventional Game Pass Ultimate tier.

There is no word yet on when the plan will come to the UK, US, or other countries in central Europe. However, with this latest rollout, it appears that the service may be coming to more regions soon.

Microsoft is steadily expanding its service, and this latest development shows the company’s commitment to expanding its reach.

Xbox One Games – Concerns Over Price Hikes

The launch of the Friends & Family plan is undoubtedly good news for gamers. However, there is some concern about the rising prices for Microsoft’s hardware.

The company has recently increased the pricing of the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles in Sweden and Japan. There is a possibility that price rises for its hardware could be coming to other regions too.

Anyone looking to play Xbox One games or other titles in other regions will simply need to wait. They can still enjoy new titles like Atomic Heart and others using Game Pass or buy them from online retail stores.

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