Xbox Series X Games – What Makes Grounded One of the Best

Xbox Series X Games

Xbox Series X Games – What Makes Grounded One of the Best

Grounded is a survival game from Obsidian Entertainment studio for the Xbox Series X. The game takes a deep dive in a backyard, a novel concept in many ways. Players play the game as shrunken teenagers trying to survive in a world of giant insects and other creatures. The game features a unique setting, cooperative play, and a high level of replayability. Here is why we think it is one of the best Xbox Series X games out there.

Xbox Series X Games with Unique Environments

One of the most notable features of Grounded is its unique setting. The game’s backyard environment offers a fresh and interesting take on the survival genre. Additionally, the giant insects add a new element of danger and excitement. The backyard environment is not only visually stunning, but it also presents a variety of challenges for players to overcome.

The player must navigate the various obstacles, such as tall grass and navigate around giant insects roaming the area. The game’s graphics are quite beautiful and realistic, thereby immersing players in the backyard world. Players truly feel like they are in that environment.

Xbox Series X Games with Co-Op Mode Done Well

Another key feature of Grounded is its emphasis on cooperative play. The game offers players the ability to team up and work together to survive and explore the backyard. This aspect of the game makes it a great option for players looking for a social gaming experience.

The game also has a great crafting system, which allows players to create a wide variety of items. These items help them survive and thrive in the backyard. Players can work together to gather resources and craft new tools and weapons to help them survive and progress.

Unlimited Playing Time

Grounded also offers a high level of replayability. You get different biomes and areas to explore, a day-night cycle and a weather system affecting gameplay. The game also offers various survival elements, like hunger and thirst, which make the gameplay even more realistic.

Players must manage their hunger and thirst levels by scavenging for food and water. They must also make sure to cook their food before eating it. Furthermore, the player must keep an eye on their health and avoid getting sick.

New Content Keeps Coming

The game is constantly getting new content, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements. The developers are always looking for ways to improve the game and make it more enjoyable for players. They listen to the players’ feedback and implement new features and improvements that the players want.


Grounded offers a lot of great qualities as a successful Xbox Series X game. You can easily see why it is still going strong among Xbox players and continues to impress everyone. If you have yet to try it, we strongly recommend that you do so right away.

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