Best African Defenders for your Ultimate Team

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Best African Defenders for your Ultimate Team

Building a solid defense is critical for your success on the virtual pitch in FIFA 23. African defenders have acquired respect for their remarkable abilities, and they may make or break your Ultimate Team. We’ve produced a list of the greatest African defenders you can buy with your FIFA 23 coins PS5 to help you make informed decisions without breaking the bank. Prepare to fortify your defense and defeat your opponents with our comprehensive advice!

Purchase Kalidou Koulibaly with FIFA 23 Coins PS5

Kalidou Koulibaly, the Senegalese giant, is the first on our list. Koulibaly is a top-tier center-back known for his towering presence and superb defensive ability. He can be a game-changer for your team. He’s a dependable candidate to prevent the opposition’s attacks thanks to his excellent ratings in defending, physicality, and quickness. While he is not cheap, investing in Koulibaly will surely create a solid basis for your defense.

Invest on Achraf Hakimi

Another Moroccan right-back prodigy to consider for your FIFA 23 squad is Achraf Hakimi. His explosive speed and attacking ability make him a big threat on the field. He can not only lock down opposition wingers, but he can also greatly add to your team’s offensive plays. Hakimi’s flexibility and skill set make him an important addition to your defense, and you can get him without depleting your FIFA 23 coins PS5.

Invest on Serge Aurier

The Ivorian right-back Serge Aurier is an underrated defender in FIFA 23. Aurier is a cost-efficient yet effective option for your team. He boasts great defending numbers, amazing speed, and the ability to play offensively. He can efficiently shut down the opposition’s left wing while also supporting your team’s offensive efforts. Aurier is also reasonably priced, making him a cost-effective addition to your FIFA 23 roster. So, invest your FIFA 23 coins PS5 on Serge Aurier.

Buy Salif Sane

Senegalese defender Salif Sane is a commanding presence in the center of the defense. His impressive height and power are matched by strong defensive abilities. Sane is a key asset because of his ability to dominate aerial duels and disrupt opposing plays. What else? He won’t break the bank, making him a low-cost option for your FIFA 23 side. So, invest in Salif Sane for great value.

In FIFA 23, a strong defense is critical to success, and African defenders provide a wealth of quality to bolster your side. Whether you need a commanding center-back, a dynamic defender or a towering presence in the back, this list covers all. The best part? Many of these can be obtained without emptying your bank. Strengthen your defense with these elite African defenders today and watch your squad dominate the virtual pitch. These are a great value for your FIFA 23 coins PS5.

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