Best Fullbacks in the Serie A for your Ultimate Team

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Best Fullbacks in the Serie A for your Ultimate Team

FIFA 23’s virtual football arena is the place where football lovers and gamers can make their fantasies come true. A strong defense is essential for dominating any competition and propelling your squad to new heights. Fullbacks are crucial in keeping a balanced defensive line while also contributing to offensive plays. In this article, we’ll look at the greatest Serie A fullbacks you can get with your hard-earned FIFA 23 coins. Read till the end and get ready to build a super team.

Buy Theo Hernandez with FIFA 23 Coins

Hernandez’s mix of scorching pace and tough defending elevates him to the ranks of Serie A’s finest fullbacks. His darting dashes down the flank may catch opponents off guard.

This helps him to place pinpoint crosses and create chances for his teammates. He provides excellent value for FIFA 23 coins due to his low cost and valuable skills. In FIFA 23, he has an overall rating of 85 and is one of the top-rated fullbacks in the game.

Spend on Leonardo Spinazzola

Spinazzola’s outstanding performances in Serie A have garnered him a reputation as a top-tier fullback. His exceptional endurance and work rate guarantee that he can contribute diligently on both ends of the pitch. Despite the fact that his price has risen owing to rising demand, his well-rounded abilities make him a valuable asset to any squad. He has an overall rating of 82 in FIFA 23.

Invest on Juan Cuadrado

Cuadrado’s unusual skill set enables him to play as both a right defender and a right midfielder. When launching assaults from wide distances, his superb crossing ability and dribbling proficiency offer a lethal combination. While his adaptability may attract a greater price, the potential impact outweighs the cost.

He is a player who can disrupt whole defenses with his dynamic style of play. In FIFA 23, he has an overall rating of 83. So, buy Juan Cuadrado with FIFA 23 coins and add some flare to your flanks.

Spend on Roben Gosens

Gosens has received praise for his explosive playing style and goal-scoring prowess from the fullback position. His offensive talents, along with good defensive skills, make him a well-rounded option. Given his relatively low-price tag, he provides an appealing alternative for assembling a competent Serie A squad. He currently plays for Inter Milan in Serie A and has an overall rating of 82. So, Spend your FIFA 23 coins on Roben Gosens.

Spend coins on Luca Pelligrini

Pellegrini is a low-cost option in the fullback position and offers decent quality. His balanced qualities and development potential make him an excellent alternative for gamers wishing to beef up their defense without breaking their wallet. He plays for AS Roma in Serie A and has an overall rating of 84.

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