FIFA 23 Coins: Is it Still worth Investing in Weekend League?

FIFA 23 coins

FIFA 23 Coins: Is it Still worth Investing in Weekend League?

There is currently no club football and no more in-Informs in FIFA 23 because of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. However, EA Sports has introduced an alternative for the Weekend League Rewards, which you can exchange for FIFA 23 coins.

Unfortunately, the alternative is not such a pretty great idea. Looking at the new rewards, many critics have wondered if it is still worth playing FUT Champions.

With no more red picks, playing 20 games during a weekend is becoming a daunting task, and many wonder if it is a waste of time. So, is it still worth playing Weekend League to earn FIFA 23 coins?

Update on FIFA 23 Weekend League and how it affects FIFA 23 Coins Earning

The World Cup has made it impossible for EA Sports to release a Team of the Weak. Usually, the TOTWs depend on the performances of football clubs, but some also come from international matches.

With the World Cup running, EA has announced it will not release any TOTWs for now. That means gamers must wait until December ending to access the next In-Forms. As a result, the renowned red picks following each Weekend League are also gone.

Of course, the most appealing for Weekend League is the red player picks. Having these ensures you increase your FIFA 23 coins earnings. With the red picks gone, grinding all weekend seems not to be worth it anymore.

What are the New FUT Champions Rewards?

In place of the red player picks, EA Sports is introducing 84+ Rare Gold Player Pick. This will be on by the end of 2022. That means you only have the likes of Iker Muniain, Mats Hummels, and other 84+ OVR players.

While you can get higher-rating players, the best you can get is for the SBC fodder. The truth is the chance of getting higher rating cards is slim because there are more 84+ cards than TOTW players.

What does this mean? Simple – you can only pack gold players from rewards and convert them to FIFA 23 coins on the transfer market. That means playing the Weekend League during this period is not worth it.

You cannot pack red player picks or the IF packs. Depending on the rank you attain, you can be lucky to get higher rating cards. Unfortunately, not everyone can be lucky to reach higher ranks.

Final Thought

Does it Mean You Should not Play the Weekend League? Well, not entirely, but it depends on what you have in your arsenal. The transfer market is currently not looking good because of the introduction of the guaranteed 89 Max OVR Hero Pack.

88+ cards cost about 45k FIFA 23 coins, and the price of other high-rated player cards has also increased. That means the SBC fodder is also more expensive than before.

If you are lucky with the 84+ OVR player picks from the Weekend League, it is possible to get good fodder for your Hero SBC. However, you must consider whether or not it is worth playing twenty games just for the fodder.

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