How to Win FIFA Coins PlayStation from FIFA 23 FUT Draft

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How to Win FIFA Coins PlayStation from FIFA 23 FUT Draft

FIFA 23 comes with several new features but still maintains some familiar ones. One of these is the FIFA 23 FUT Draft. It is one of the different game modes that make up FUT and one good way to earn FIFA coins PlayStation. Interestingly, many players stay away from this game mode because it is high risk. Being high-risk also means it is high-reward in nature. So, how do you get over the fear of taking on the risk and getting involved in FUT Drafts to earn available rewards in FIFA coins PlayStation, and player cards?

What is FIFA 23 FUT Draft?

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Draft mode enables gamers to “draft” a squad of five players from random groups and then rent them to participate in a mini-tournament. The squad you drafted will play against other teams built with the same technique.

If you enter a single-player FUT Draft, you will play against the FIFA 23 AI. However, if you enter an online FUT Draft, you will play against other players. The rewards, including FIFA coins PlayStation, for each mode, differ.

When you enter the mini-tournament, you continue playing until you lose. The maximum you can win in a row is four and your reward is determined by your number of wins. The bottom tier of the losing players gets no reward.

How to participate in a FIFA 23 FUT Draft to win FIFA Coins PlayStation?

Participants are required to pay to enter a FIFA 23 FUT Draft. It costs 300 FIFA Points, 15000 FIFA coins PlayStation, or a Draft Token to participate in the tournament. To enter, select “Play” on the FUT screen and then “Draft”.

After paying the required fee, you can select your squad and start your matches as soon as the drafting process completes. The good thing about playing FUT Draft is that every reward you earn is tradable. That means you can make a profit while at it.

You can also keep your FIFA coins PlayStation and Points by using a Draft Token. You can get it when you complete Squad Building Challenges or buy packs.

How do FIFA 23 FUT Drafts Rewards Work?

You get your FUT Drafts rewards immediately after you complete the game mode either by achieving four wins or losing. You do not have to hang around waiting for rewards like you do in Marquee Matchups and Squad Battles.

Your rewards depend on whether you play online or in a single-player mode, and the number of wins you achieve. Generally, you have six options for rewards, and one is randomly assigned to you.

FIFA coins PlayStation – Final Thought

Without a doubt, participating in FIFA 23 FUT Drafts is risky because you pay FIFA coins Xbox or FIFA Points to enter. You can win or lose, depending on your performance. When you lose, you win nothing but when you win, you get rewarded based on the number of your wins. Rewards from FUT Drafts are tradable.


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