Cheapest Xbox One Games – Improvements on Xbox in Witcher 3’s 4.03 Update

Cheapest Xbox One Games

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Improvements on Xbox in Witcher 3’s 4.03 Update

The Witcher 3 is one of the best games to come out in a long time. Even after its release, the company is adding new perks and features to the game. So, what we see is a title that just keeps on getting better and better. Right now, it is also one of the cheapest Xbox One games out there. So, the 4.03 update makes it even more worth the money. Let us tell you what you will get in the new update.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Console-Specific Improvements

The latest update, 4.03, for The Witcher 3 brings enhancements for Xbox players as well. These include fixes for the Cross Progression pop-up, dark stripes, or shadows on Geralt in the inventory screen, short freeze during autosave, and performance drops while using Witcher Senses in some areas.

Visual Enhancements (PC and Next-Gen Exclusive)

PC and next-gen players can enjoy better visuals with update 4.03. The patch takes care of issues like a grid of light spots on the ground and walls, changing colors of spider webs when moving the camera, incomplete rendering of textures on characters during cutscenes, and pink mist in the Poisoned Valley.

Quests & Gameplay (PC and Next-Gen Exclusives)

The update also adds a community-made mod called “Next Gen Script Fixes” by Sergeanur. This will enhance quests and gameplay for PC and next-gen console players.

Quests & Gameplay (Available on all platforms)

Players on all platforms can see much better quests and gameplay now. The ambient music from the “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” quest will no longer continue playing after completion.

There is also a new option to auto-apply oils in combat. Additionally, Geralt can no longer eat or drink underwater, except for potions and decoctions.

PC-Specific Enhancements

PC players will benefit from some enhancements as well. The update fixes issues with ray-traced vegetation shadows, black shadows when enabling/disabling ray-traced reflections and shadows, crashes on certain AMD GPUs, and lighting problems with Screen Space Reflections.

It also adds support for Intel Xe Super Sampling and adds performance upgrades for ray-traced global illumination and reflections. Lastly, the purple splashes on the screen while riding Roach in the water puddles are also fixed.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Additional Improvements

In addition to the above, the update brings further improvements to The Witcher 3. These include:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused floating objects in certain areas of the game.
  2. Fixed collision issues that let players access restricted areas.
  3. Much more stable game in longer sessions.
  4. Fixed an issue with wrong dialogue subtitles in some quests.
  5. Fixed the behavior of certain NPCs to prevent immersion-breaking situations.
  6. Better memory usage to reduce any lag and performance drops.

These improvements will lead to a smoother and more immersive gameplay experience for all players. So, being among the cheapest Xbox One games right now makes this game a total win as well. These are the key changes in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update 4.03. Additional minor fixes have also been included.

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