FIFA 23 Coins PS4: When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT

fifa 23 coins ps4

FIFA 23 Coins PS4: When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT

Gamers have little to no control over the players they get from packs. Additionally, you cannot influence the FIFA 23 coins PS4 you will get if you decide to flip them.

However, there are some techniques you can follow to help you in making plenty of coins. This post looks at when to buy and sell players in FIFA Ultimate Team as a technique for making FIFA coins.

When should you Buy Players with FIFA 23 Coins PS4?

The rule of thumb is to buy players late on Sunday evenings and early on Monday mornings. The reason for this is simple. This window period follows immediately after the FUT Champions competition.

After the competition, many gamers sell off their squad to earn some FIFA 23 coins PS4. This period is also when EA Sports distribute the rewards for Squad Battles. The transfer market is often flooded with players during this period, which significantly drives the prices down.

We recommend you check your time zone to know when it coincides with late Sunday evening and early Monday morning when these events will take place. You should be browsing the transfer market during these periods.

One good thing about this period is that fewer people will be playing, which means fewer bidding rivals. You can snipe some of the most sought-after cards and keep them. You can sell off these cards later in the week when they are in high demand or integrate them into your squad.

When to Sell Players to earn FIFA 23 Coins PS4

The perfect time to sell players to earn more FIFA 23 coins PS4 is from Thursday evening through Friday morning. You should not forget that the Division Rivals’ rewards are distributed on Thursday mornings. This can affect players’ prices on the transfer market.

Still, many gamers will be on the lookout for improving their team in preparation for the weekend’s FUT Champions competition. These dynamics tend to drive the prices up. We recommend that you look out for the latest SBCs.

That is because some players and promotions will become premium if they are needed to complete a set. It may be a good idea not to be too hasty in disposing of players. Wait for the right moment if you want to make a profit from the trade.


Finally, consider the physical performance of players when buying and selling them. For instance, a player that scores a hat-trick in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon can influence the prices and make the player sells higher on the transfer market.

This is very important if the player belongs to the Ones to Watch player cards. You may want to track the real-world activities of the players before trading them.

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