How to Make Millions of FIFA Coins in FUT 23

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How to Make Millions of FIFA Coins in FUT 23

Every FUT 23 player is interested in making more FIFA coins. For a start, they are the only currency gamers spend on the transfer market. In other words, you cannot buy players without having enough of them. Of course, you can buy packs with FIFA points.

However, you must have the coins to buy specific players that you want. Therefore, if you desire to explore the transfer market and buy players, you must have enough FIFA coins in your wallet. So, how do you make millions of coins in FUT 23?

Best Tips to get FIFA Coins

The easiest method to get more coins is to sell some players. You can trade your unwanted players through the transfer market in the game or through the FIFA 23 Companion App/Web App.

This method will earn you some coins. However, if you want to make it big in acquiring coins, you must take it a step further. Let us look at some of the best ways you can earn coins in FUT 23.

Play the Transfer Market to get more FIFA Coins

Experienced players understand the meaning of buying players and selling them quickly. If you learn this practice, you can make millions of coins in your adventure. How does this work? Buy players for less than their value and sell them at a profit.

Well, it is not as simple as it sounds. You must understand the mechanism of the transfer market and know the different seasons. During off-peak season, players sell below their market value. However, they sell higher during peak season.

The off-peak period is Sunday evenings, while the peak period is from Friday morning to Sunday morning. Apart from players, you can also buy and sell tradable consumables. Reward periods are a great time to buy FIFA coins, also.

Gamers are usually interested in disposing of players and items from their Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles reward packs. Take advantage of this and pack players and items at less value.

Invest in Profitable Cards

Some player cards gain value over time. You must be able to identify those cards with that potential. For instance, Squad Building Challenges have specific completion requirements. They often require cards that may be cheap at the onset of the game but spike suddenly in value when they are needed for an SBC.

You must research to know specific cards with the potential to increase in value in SBC to increase your FIFA coins making potential.

Play FUT Matches and complete them

Gamers also earn coins when they complete FUT matches. These coins add up pretty fast, and before you know it, you have hundreds of thousands of coins in your wallet.

If you keep at it, you will grow them to millions. We recommend that you complete milestones and get into a regular playing routine. Invest time in Squad Battles and Divisions Rivals for more coins.


Making millions of coins in your game is possible. We have highlighted specific things you can do to increase your FIFA coins earning power.

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