How to Rake in More FIFA 23 Coins PS4

fifa 23 coins ps4

How to Rake in More FIFA 23 Coins PS4

FIFA 23 offers players numerous opportunities to earn more FIFA 23 coins PS4. With tons of game modes available at your fingertips, the limitation to your earnings lies within your hands. That means you have everything to rake in more coins and build an amazing squad that your peers will envy.

So, how do you get more coins from your gaming activities? That is what this post is all about. However, you can get more coins to boost your squad by buying some from a reliable seller like To get your coins from your game performances, let us look at some great ways to earn them.

#1: Collect Untraded Packs in FIFA 23

While this is not connected directly to playing game modes, you can still boost your FIFA 23 coins PS4 wallet by collecting untraded packs. EA Sports regularly run promo campaigns, and releases packs for gamers to win. When you collect packs, do not be in a hurry to dispose of them.

Instead, hold out a bit for a couple of weeks. Even if the pack has excellent players, refrain from selling. Instead, collect as many as possible. When the demand for the items you have increased, you can go ahead to sell them at a high profit.

#2: Complete Objectives and Earn FIFA 23 Coins PS4

You can earn plenty of packs through objectives. Therefore, you should complete as many as you can. The good thing is that the requirements are not difficult. It may require you to grind a bit to earn the packs, but you will enjoy the rewards at the end of the day.

You do not even have to win any game. You only have to play to collect rewards. When you collect the earned objective packs, open them and sell off items to fill your wallet with more FIFA 23 coins PS4.

#3: Complete Squad Building Challenges

SBCs are released regularly and many of them give excellent packs. Remember that you can earn free FIFA 23 coins PS4 with Daily Login SBC. It costs 200 coins to log in and it guarantees 83×10 packs when you complete the SBC daily.

You can also take all the SBCs tokens to get more rewards. When you trade these packs and calculate the rewards, you will be amazed at how many FIFA coins you have earned by the end of the week.

Final Thoughts- FIFA 23 Coins

Finally, invest. While investments come with a level of risk, they can pay off in the long run. The market will always crash at some point, and investing your coins in buying players and in-game items during this time is a wise decision. You can keep the items until the prices go up again before you sell them off. With this, you make a tidy profit on your investment.


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