Top 5 FIFA 23 Meta Formations that Guarantee Instant FIFA Coins

Instant FIFA coins

Top 5 FIFA 23 Meta Formations that Guarantee Instant FIFA Coins

If you are yet to play FIFA 23, we can tell you it is the most original and realistic competitive football to be released in this series. For a start, the meta is different from the previous version. Therefore, you need some learning to understand the best formation in-game. It is interesting to note that the new meta favors possession-based games and rewards complicated passing. So, which formation is best for your style of play? This post looks at the top five FIFA 23 meta formations that guarantee instant FIFA coins. Let’s check them out!

#1 Meta Formation that Guarantees Instant FIFA Coins: 4222

This formation is fast becoming a favorite of many professional FIFA 23 gamers. It is a more versatile variation of the most basic formation. It retains all positive aspects of the basic formation and improves its weaknesses while strengthening the defense.

The 4222 has two strikers for offensive plays instead of wide midfielders. It has wide-attack midfielders with the capacity to function as wingers. They can also fall into a narrow position to offer passing options.

#2 Meta Formation that Guarantees Instant FIFA Coins: 5122

This formation was added recently to FIFA 23. However, it has become one of the most overpowered and broken formations. Although it is not the favorite of many players because of its defensive nature, it retains unquestionable viability like no other.

The strength of 5122 is in the presence of two fullbacks and three CBS. This helps reinforce each area of defense, and having an overwhelming defense presence makes its backline impenetrable. You may need additional instant FIFA coins to get players to fit into these roles.

#3 Meta Formation: 41212(2)

This is the narrow variation of the renowned 41212, and it is one of the most popular in the world of gaming. Its popularity has a lot to do with its attacking nature. It attacks the core of the opposition’s defense and facilitates fast-passing plays.

It builds its game through the core of the midfielder. Although the FIFA 23 meta aligns with a slow buildup in attack, the 41212 formation makes up for the tempered pas-based approach.

#4 Meta Formation: 4231

This is another incredible formation with high viability. It takes the approach of a defensive version of 442 replacing the secondary striker with a central attacking midfielder to allow a seamless link between the defense and attack.

The 4231 formation is versatile and possibly the most conducive formation that can accommodate different play-style in FIFA 23. It also guarantees more instant FIFA coins at the end of the day.

#5 Meta Formation: 442

The 442 formation is the most basic of them all in both virtual pitch and real-life fields. It is highly effective because of its extremely balanced position. It efficiently covers all the basics and while being defensive, it also provides adequate passing options for players.


So, which of these Meta formations suits your style of play? We do not recommend changing formation swiftly. Rather, you should consider mastering your style of play and choose a formation that best fits into it. With this, you improve your gaming experience and instant FIFA coins in your wallet.

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