FIFA Coins PlayStation – How to Get FIFA Global Series Rewards

FIFA coins playstation

FIFA Coins PlayStation – How to Get FIFA Global Series Rewards

The FIFA 23 Global Series (FGS) is an e-sport series open to everyone. It is a game mode that allows players to launch their journey into the world of becoming the new FIFA World Champion. Apart from the numerous grand cash prizes available to winners, gamers also get to earn some free in-game rewards, such as FIFA coins PlayStation. EA Sports is particular about promoting its numerous events, and the FIFA Global Series is top on the list.

It features some of the biggest players in the world of e-sports and it is conducted with lots of funfairs. The game developer has also come up with a unique way to promote these events and reward gamers for their support.

This post looks at different rewards available in FGS and how you can earn them. It also looks at upcoming events you can watch to increase your earnings in FIFA coins PlayStation.

How to Earn FGS Rewards and Acquire more FIFA Coins PlayStation

The FIFA 23 Global Series is live-streamed through the Twitch channel of EA Sports. When you watch the events, you have a chance to earn a token for every live stream you watch. You can use your tokens however you want because they are tradeable. To claim the tokens, here are things you must do:

  • Link both your EA account and Twitch accounts
  • Watch the live-streamed FGS for a minimum of sixty minutes
  • Go to Twitch to claim your rewards

You have to log in to FIFA to claim your reward. Note that the token will be available to you in the next twenty-four hours after watching the event. You can trade the tokens for More FIFA coins PlayStation. You can also trade them for other rewards on the transfer market.

It is worth mentioning that you can also get these tokens for free without a Twitch Prime account if you have Amazon Prime.

What Livestreamed Events can You Watch to Earn Tokens?

FGS games hold on Mondays and begin at 6:00 pm UK time. You can also watch the live 2v2 action on Twitch or YouTube. The event events already started with some matches completed. The 8th Match day was completed on December 5, and the next match is on January 16, which will be the Quarter Finals.

You can watch the Semi-Finals on January 18 and the Finals on January 21, 2023. Watching the live stream events qualifies you to earn tokens. Although you have limited match days to watch, you can still take advantage of the three matches remaining.

Final Thought

The current FIFA 23 Global Series will end on January 21, 2023. However, EA Sports is yet to reveal the specific start time for the upcoming events for the New Year. You can leverage the current event to earn some tokens. As mentioned, you can trade your tokens for FIFA coins PlayStation or other in-game assets.

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