TOTY Icons in FIFA 23 to Buy with FIFA Coins PS4

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TOTY Icons in FIFA 23 to Buy with FIFA Coins PS4

EA Sports released a new set of Team of the Year Icons in FIFA 23, making it the second Icon campaign gamers can explore. Both TOTY Icons set are now available in the game until February 3, 2023. That means gamers can get these packs with the potential to make more FIFA coins PS4 after unpacking the packs.

What is Team of the Year Icons?

These are unique Icon card set curated to commemorate players who are the best in their positions. For instance, EA Sports released a set of World Cup Icons based on special moments from World Cups. The TOTY Icons focuses on special periods in a player’s career.

They may include being in FIFA’s Best X1 award in real life or winning the Ballon d’Or. It is worth mentioning that FIFA Icons are some of the greatest players of all time. Having them in the game provides FUT gamers the opportunity to use their favorite players from different generations.

With these Icons, players have more top-quality player options to explore for their gaming activities on the pitch. Worthy of note is the fact that these items are different from the versions currently in the game. Additionally, the player cards are higher rated than they are in their prime Icon cards.

Highlights of the TOTY Icons Released for FIFA Coins

There are fourteen players included in the Team of the Year Icons, and each of these players is available for grabs in the game. The players that made it to the list include:

  • Ronaldinho (Brazil): 95 OVR
  • Alessandro Nesta (Italy): 94 OVR
  • Edwin van der Sar (The Netherlands): 92 OVR
  • Claude Makelele (France): 92 OVR
  • Ashley Cole (England): 91 OVR
  • Gerd Muller (Germany): 94 OVR
  • Ruud Gullit (The Netherlands): 94 OVR
  • David Beckham (England): 94 OVR
  • Robert Pires (France): 92 OVR
  • Nemanja Vidic (Serbia): 91 OVR
  • Andrea Pirlo (Italy): 93 OVR
  • Javier Zanetti (Argentina): 93 OVR
  • Hugo Sanchez (Mexico): 93 OVR
  • Xabi Alonso (Spain): 92 OVR

 How can these Icons improve your FIFA Coins PS4 Earnings?

When you pair these Icons with players in the Team of the Year squad, you are sure to have one of the best teams in the game. What does this mean? Your team’s performance will increase and you can earn more rewards. More rewards mean more FIFA coins PS4 earnings in your wallet, either through sales of players from your packs or coins earned in-game.


EA Sports is consistently releasing promo cards to make FIFA 23 more interesting and exciting. You need coins to buy these cards. If you do not have enough coins, you can buy FIFA coins PS4 from to equip your wallet for the players’ purchase.


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