Playing FIFA 23 on Steam Deck and Earning FIFA Coins PS4

FIFA coins PS4

Playing FIFA 23 on Steam Deck and Earning FIFA Coins PS4

Gamers play FIFA on different consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Another platform people play the game is the Steam Deck. However, can you play FIFA 23 on Steam Deck and earn FIFA coins PS4?

That is what this post is about. Let us look at how you can play FIFA 23 on the Steam Deck and earn plenty of coins.

The Best Way to Play FIFA 23 on the Steam Deck and Earn FIFA Coins PS4

Let us get something clear first. FIFA 23 is not licensed officially for the Steam Deck. That means you should not be able to play the game on it. However, there is a way around it.

Get a Second Software

You need a Dual Boot to play FIFA 23 on the Steam Deck. A Dual Boot is a PC system where you can install two software tools. You have to download and install Windows 10 in addition to the Steam operating system software.

It is worth mentioning that the Steam OS is the default software on the Steam Deck and it is pre-installed. When downloading Windows 10, do not download it on your Stem Deck but on an SD Card. Ensure that the SD card has enough storage space for the download.

You may want to format the card to be sure it is not corrupted. After downloading, install it on your device. With this, the Steam Deck can use the functionalities of both software tools. After installing the Dual Boot, you can now download FIFA 23 from the Steam Store.

What to Know When Playing FIFA 23 on Steam Deck

You must understand that the Steam Deck sees your handheld device as the control. That means you have to stick to this and use the standard button assignment because you cannot change them. Also, you may need to reduce the graphic settings of FIFA 23 to achieve stable gameplay.

When you get everything right, you can play your game seamlessly on the device. You can use the same functionalities and earn FIFA coins PS4 like you would when playing on a console.

Playing FIFA 23 on your Steam Deck also offers you the same opportunity to explore the transfer market and buy packs, players, and more. You can earn coins through your games and participate in different SBC and other challenges on FIFA 23.

FIFA Coins PS4 – Conclusion

Of course, the consoles are enough to play FIFA 23. However, if you have a Steam Deck and not a PlayStation console or Xbox One, you can follow the guide highlighted in this post to access FIFA 23 on your device. As mentioned, you need a second software download to play the game. When downloading, do not download directly on your Steam Deck but on an SD card.

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