FIFA Coins PS4: EA Sports Introduces AFC Richmond into the Game

FIFA coins PS4

FIFA Coins PS4: EA Sports Introduces AFC Richmond into the Game

It is all exciting news for all FIFA fans this week as EA Sports announce the introduction of a new club. The World’s foremost game has one more club coming into its stable – AFC Richmond. Bringing this club into FIFA 23 will give gamers a more fun experience and opportunities to earn more FIFA coins PS4.

What can Gamers Look forward to?

Introducing AFC Richmond into FIFA 23 will bring Coach Beard, Ted Lasso, and other big stars of the AFC Richmond squad into the game. Players can look forward to playing Dani Rojas, Jamie Tartt, Roy Kent, Isaac McAdoo, and Roy Kent in the game.

EA Sports will authentically integrate all these players and others into the club’s home ground. What does this mean? Gamers can explore these players and have a first-hand experience with them in-game. They can also trade them to make FIFA coins PS4.

How does this Affect FIFA Coins PS4 Earning?

This is one of the biggest motivators in the game. By using players in the game for their various gameplay, they increase their earning potential. For instance, gamers can select Ted Lasso as their playable manager in Career Mode and improve their gameplay.

They can also manage AFC Richmond by swapping the players into the Premier League or other playable Career Mode leagues. With this, they can explore more gaming options and earn more FIFA coins PS4.

EA Sports has revealed that AFC Richmond will be playable in Career Mode, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons, and Kick-Off. They will be available in the Nelson Road home stadium of The Greyhounds. Playing all these surely boost your coin-earning potential.

Can you Use FIFA Coins PS4 to Customize the Team?

Gamers have lots of excitement waiting for them with the AFC Richmond’s introduction. Firstly, they can display their love for AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team by exploring different customization items. They can explore TIFOs and authentic kits.

Also, they can locate and choose Coach Beard or Ted Lasso as their club’s manager. They also have the opportunity to explore all AFC Richmond content in FUT through challenges and objectives. This is indeed more opportunities for gaming and earning through FIFA 23.


EA Sports is introducing new dynamics to the game almost every day to give players more reasons to stick to their consoles. With the holiday around the corner, there are more game options and game modes to explore. Are you up for a great fun time this season?

Then, you need to explore all FIFA 23 games available at your fingertips. The best part is you can earn more FIFA coins PS4 for your efforts. If you need more coins to boost your squad, you can check out for exciting coin deals.

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