Mid-Season 2 Review Pack – Is it worth spending FIFA Coins PS4?

fifa coins ps4

Mid-Season 2 Review Pack – Is it worth spending FIFA Coins PS4?

EA Sports released the Mid Season 2 Review Pack a few weeks ago, containing many high-value special cards. However, is it worth spending FIFA coins PS4 to buy it? Guarding your coins and how you spend them is important.

Whenever you buy anything from the store, you spend your currency and reduce the quantity. So, should you buy the Mid Season 2 Review Pack? By the way, the newly released pack has many World Cup promo players, including Kylian Mbappe, Virgil Van Dijk, and Vinicius Jr.

FIFA 23 Mid Season 2 Review Pack: What is it?

The Mid Season 2 Review Pack contains one guaranteed World Cup PTG, World Cup Stories item, or Road to the World Cup. It has fourteen rare gold players, and all items are untradeable.

You can purchase the pack from the FUT store at 75,000 FIFA coins PS4. An alternative is to use your FIFA points. If this is your preference, you have to spend 1,500 FIFA points to buy the pack.

Should you invest your FIFA Coins PS4 in the FIFA 23 Mid Season 2 Review Pack?

So, this is the important question? Is it worth spending 7,500 FIFA coins PS4 on the FIFA 23 Mid Season 2 Review Pack? The truth is that it is not worth buying. The primary reason is that the probability of finding something more valuable than you paid for is low.

For instance, the probability of getting a 90+ player is 4.7%, and 56% for getting FIFA World Cup Path to Glory Player. Only 16 out of the 35 PTG items have a value worth more than the pack. Additionally, you have a 20% chance of getting a Road to FIFA World Cup Player.

The chance of getting a World Cup Stories Player is 22%, and 6.4% for getting World Cup TOTT Player. That means you have 69 possible, guaranteed WC special items you can get, but only 33% of these player cards are worth more than what you paid.

We recommend you keep your FIFA coins PS4 for juicier deals because the odds of packing favorable items in the Mid Season 2 Review pack are low.

The Best Possible Players in Mid Season 2 Review Pack with their Value

As mentioned, the likelihood of packing players worth more than you paid for the pack is low. However, you can be lucky to snag one of the top five players when you open your pack. Here are the best players you can get if you buy the pack and their worth.

  • Kylian Mbappe RTWC (ST): 3.85 million FIFA coins PS4.
  • Christophe Nkunku PTG (CF): 2.5 million coins
  • Virgil Van Dijk World Cup Stories (CB): 1.6 million coins
  • Vinicius Jr PTG (LW): 1.17 million coins
  • Alejandro Gomez PTG (CAM): 910,000 coins

Conclusion – FIFA coins PS4

These are the best deals you can get from opening the Mid Season 2 Review Pack. If you are lucky to get any of them, buying the pack will be worth the while, but the probability is low.

However, instead of buying the pack, you can save your FIFA coins PS4 and buy one of the upcoming Winter Wildcard players. You will have many SBCs to complete during the Winter Wildcards promo.


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