Real FIFA Coins PlayStation Dealers vs. Fake Dealers

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Real FIFA Coins PlayStation Dealers vs. Fake Dealers

FIFA coins PlayStation and Points are crucial in FUT 23. Gamers need them to buy packs and players. How do you get these coins? You get them by participating in different challenges, game modes, and tournaments.

Unfortunately, you may not have enough coins to do everything you want to do in the game. That is where the concept of buying coins comes in. With the demand for more coins, many unscrupulous dealers have opened shops online to deceive unsuspecting gamers.

So, how do you differentiate between fake and real dealers when buying your FIFA coins PlayStation?

How to Differentiate between Real FIFA Coins PlayStation Dealers and Fake Dealers

If you cannot make enough FIFA coins PlayStation for your gaming activities, you can buy some. Without a doubt, there are many safe FIFA coins PlayStation dealers online. However, there are a good number of fake dealers also. So, how do you differentiate between them?

Check their Track Record

The credibility of a seller is the first thing to check when buying coins. How do you check it? Google is your best friend in this regard. Go to the search engine and type “Fake FIFA coins PlayStation dealers”.

It will generate many results and you can go through each of them to see sites to avoid. If you already have a seller in mind, run a quick background check on them by checking independent reviews online.

You can read up on what other buyers have to say about them. With this, you can determine whether or not they are credible.

Fake FIFA Coins PlayStation Dealers are mostly Individual Sellers

Many people claim to offer coins on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. In most cases, these sellers are scammers. They will demand you pay first with a promise to transfer the FIFA coins PlayStation to you.

Of course, they will not and you may not be able to reach them again after paying. They may ask for your EA account information. If you give it to them, they can hack into your account and use it for different nefarious activities.

Beware of Foreign Websites

When you visit a website and you cannot find details of their location and other pertinent details about them, step with caution. Most often, these strange websites are out to extort unsuspecting buyers and steal sensitive data from them.

They promise cheap FIFA coins but end up scamming you. Check some trusted independent platforms like Trustpilot to read reviews about websites. With this, you can determine which sellers are reputable and which of them are scams.


It is impossible to determine whether a FIFA coins seller is genuine or fake. However, when you follow the tips highlighted in this post, you can easily see the red flags.

We recommend you buy your coins from only reputable websites like to ensure you get the right deals. Buying from a reliable platform also ensures you get what you paid for.

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