FIFA Coins PS5-Tips to Prepare for Team of the Year (TOTY)

FIFA coins PS5

FIFA Coins PS5-Tips to Prepare for Team of the Year (TOTY)

TOTY is arguably the most significant FIFA promo because no other promo cards get as many good ratings. The FIFA 23 TOTY promo is almost here, and it is time to prepare for this important event. Early preparation is crucial because everything becomes different after the Team of the Year release. If you do not plan to lose all your FIFA coins PS5, we recommend you use one or two trading tips before the time.

By Friday, the Winter Wildcards and the SBCs will end, and the FUT Centurions will take their place. By the end of the month, things will begin to accelerate in FUT.

How to Prepare for TOTY to Protect your FIFA Coins PS5

First, know that Team of the Year changes the FIFA Ultimate Team market. It practically turns FUT upside down, and the reason for this is simple. EA Sports will release cards with 99 OVR.

This promo subdues other cards released before now, and only a few Icons can keep up. In other words, the Team of the Year players remains the best players. So, how do you prepare for TOTY for better management of your FIFA coins PS5?

TIP #1: Collect Untraded Packs

The first thing requires discipline. It requires you to sit on good packs for days and even weeks. Collect untraded packs as much as possible, and do not fall for the temptation of letting them go. Even if the FUT Centurions has superstars, such as Neymar, or the Winter Wildcard Team 2 has excellent players, simply collect and hold them.

You are free to open tradeable packs, such as Marquee Matchup. Any pack that is worth between 50K and 100K should remain unopen. You may be pleasantly surprised to find a TOTY in your collected packs.

Tip #2: Complete Objectives and earn FIFA Coins PS5 in the Process

You can earn lots of packs through objectives and still earn FIFA coins PS5. Therefore, invest time to complete objectives. The best part is the prerequisites are not difficult, although you have to work for them.

All you have to do is play, and you do not even have to win in some cases. When you have collected your objective packs, leave them unopened until the TOTY.

Tip #3: Complete SBCs

EA Sports releases SBCs daily, and some deliver exceptional packs. Also, take advantage of the Daily Login SBC, which costs only 200 FIFA coins PS5 but guarantees an 83×10 pack when you complete the daily SBC.

Additionally, take all the SBCs tokens because you can find some unique rewards there. We recommend that you do not complete all SBCs but play as many as you can to earn more packs.

Tip #4: Invest

You must understand that investments undoubtedly come with a measure of risk. However, the market will crash during TOTY and that is when you should get into investments. There will be some SBCs during TOTY and the fodder may go up.

You can buy 83-rated players for 800 FIFA coins PS5 and 84-rated players for 2.8K. You should pay a maximum of 16K for 87-rated players and 32K coins for 89.

Finally, stay away from players with 90 and 91 OVR during the period. That is because the risk of losing is highest with them.

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