FIFA Coins – Top Budget-Friendly La Liga Players in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins – Top Budget-Friendly La Liga Players in FIFA 23

Starting a successful Ultimate Team requires high-quality players. Unfortunately, not everyone has plenty of FIFA coins to throw around at the beginning of their game. That means you need an effective budget team. One way to build your starter team is to use one of the popular teams, such as La Liga.

La Liga Players in FIFA 23 to Invest FIFA Coins on

La Liga has many budget-friendly quality players. This post looks at the top five budget-friendly La Liga players in FIFA 23 you can invest your coins on.

#1: Eduardo Camavinga

If you are planning on playing a La Liga side, Eduardo Vamavinga is a must-buy. Although he lacks standout stats, the Real Madrid starlet has a solid all-around card. He has a high-70s in core tackling, dribbling, and passing stats.

He also has 4-star skill moves with 83-rating stamina. The best part is that Vamavinga is not expensive. You can acquire him with some thousands of FIFA coins.

#2: Giovani Lo Celso

On his return to Villarreal, the Argentine player received a strong card, and even with just one set of stats lower than 70, his attacking makes up for his shortcoming. Giovani Lo Celso has an 84 rating in dribbling and passing.

He also boasts 82 in shot power, 73 in finishing, and 71 in speed. Having him on your team can be a great start for your squad. He is a budget-friendly player of choice.

#3: Sergi Darder

Sergi Darder has become one of the best choices in central midfield in the division, giving him a major pace boost. He has an 82 rating for pace and passing with 83 in dribbling. Darder has five in-game stats that are below 70 and 74 in both defending and shooting categories. His physical and stamina stats are 77 and 86 respectively.

#4: Luiz Felipe

If you are looking for a budget-friendly central defender to invest your FIFA coins on, Luiz Felipe is a good choice for a starter team. He moved from Series A to La Liga over the summer and since then, he has been given a strong card to begin his new game cycle.

The defender stats include 72 in speed, 80 in defending, 81 in sliding tackling, and 82 in interceptions. He also has 68 in dribbling and 61 in passing. While the latter is not so great a stat, Felipe is surely a good player in your starter game.

#5: Rodrygo

The Real Madrid winger offers lots of excitement on the pitch. Rodrygo is rated 81 and his pace and dribbling stats are placed at 88 and 84, respectively. He has a weak foot but 4-star skill moves. This makes him a strong option for your starter team.

He has 42 in strength, which makes him suited for making runs behind the defense instead of outmuscling other players. However, his 80-finishing stat puts him at a competitive edge at the back of the net. He is surely a good consideration as far as budget-friendly players are concerned.


These five players are worth having on your team. While they may not have super stats, they have enough to get you started in your team. The fact that they are affordable makes them attractive if you have fewer FIFA coins to spend.

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