FIFA Coins Xbox One – Mistakes to Avoid in FIFA 23 Starter Team

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FIFA Coins Xbox One – Mistakes to Avoid in FIFA 23 Starter Team

You will certainly make mistakes when building your starter team. However, when you know how to avoid these mistakes, you have less chance of making them. This post lets you know the top mistakes you can make when building your team to play for FIFA coins Xbox One. When you avoid these mistakes, you have a better chance of earning more coins.

Miscalculating Price Prediction for FIFA coins Xbox One

This is the first mistake gamers make. First, the game developer has released players’ ratings, and it is time to select players to add to your squad. Many players are more focused on building high expectations of making up to 20,000 FIFA coins Xbox One on their first game day.

They focus on FIFA points but only on coins. They also expect to receive some rare gold teams at the same price they are sold in FIFA 22. If you have these expectations, you will BE highly disappointed. For a start, you are unlikely to earn such coins on your first day, even if you are very experienced.

Secondly, the prices of players are different between FIFA 22 and FIFA 23. You will find many rare gold players that are very expensive beyond your budget. Therefore, reduce your expectation and expect players to be more expensive than you expect.

Rushing into Team Building

People are quick to buy players and build teams that do not support experimentation. In previous versions where chemistry was in place, gamers had to link players to build chemistry. In the new FIFA 23, things are a bit different. You do not have to directly link players together to form a team. They only have to be in the starting 11.

Since you cannot buy the best players at the beginning of your game, you have to deal with common gold players or average rare gold, at the most. While they may have zero chemistry, they still play at their lowest stats and would not be affected negatively by performance.

However, it is still best to get players with as much chemistry as you can get in the beginning. With this, you can get your average players to perform better.

Buying a Player at a Time

You have to think beyond your starter team when you need proper time. It is all about transitioning from the start of your Ultimate Team to getting your starter team with bronze, silver, and common gold players. It goes further to transitioning to the first proper team you build.

Buying one player per time is the slowest way to get ahead and earn FIFA coins Xbox One. It is better to start with Ultimate Team, complete your objectives, get some coins, and make two to three trades. You can get as much as 700 coins in SBCs, and instead of buying players with your coins, trade with them. Whenever you trade, you increase the volume of your coins.


These are three important mistakes you must avoid at all costs if you want to earn more FIFA coins Xbox One from your game.

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