How to get FUT Champions Players with FIFA 23 Coins PS4

FIFA 23 coins PS4

How to get FUT Champions Players with FIFA 23 Coins PS4

FIFA Ultimate Team Champions is the most competitive game mode in FIFA 23 and the player picks and rewards are some of the best in FUT. Every gamer in FIFA 23 FUT Champions Finals gets a minimum of one red player pick as their reward.  The item changes each week and higher-ranking players get better rewards. It is worth mentioning that these items are untradeable, which means you cannot sell them to earn FIFA 23 coins PS4. However, you can use them in-game and they can save you the cost of buying spending your coins to buy new players and other in-game items.

FUT Champions Red Player Picks: How they Work

FUT Champs Red Player Picks are players from current TOTW squads. Player Picks offers gamers the opportunity to select from a selection of random TOTW gold players. This is possible as soon as you complete the FUT Champions Finals.

With this, you can save big on FIFA 23 coins PS4 as you do not need to invest your coins in purchasing these gold players. It is worth mentioning that the red player pick is a unique reward for UT Champions Finals.

Any player who enters the level is assured of earning a minimum of one untradeable red player pick after achieving a rank. With the player pick, you can choose one current TOTW card in a special card design exclusive to only FUT Champs Finals.

The more wins you achieve during the weekend league, the higher the number of player picks you can choose from.

How to get FUT Champs Red Player Picks without FIFA 23 Coins PS4

The first step in earning a FUT Champs Player Pick is to qualify for FUT Champs Finals. Secondly, you must earn a minimum of Rank X rewards. When you achieve higher ranks, you receive multiple players’ picks and additional options.

If you rank X (10) in your game, you are eligible to receive one of three player picks. However, if you rank I (1) in the FUT Champs Finals, you get three units of one of five Player Picks. You can also earn several FIFA 23 coins PS4 and other packs from each rank in FIFA 23 FUT Champs.

Is it Possible to Save Red Player Picks for Next TOTW?

As mentioned, Red Player Picks are untradeable, which means you cannot sell them to earn FIFA 23 coins PS4. Also, you cannot save them for the next TOTW because they are locked to the actual TOTW you earned as a reward.

Of course, you can open them whenever you want. However, the player pool for the Red Player Pick will remain the same as when you earned them.

FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – Conclusion

Finally, you cannot upgrade FUT Champs Red Player Picks in FIFA 23. They are information cards already and will remain the same in rating as when you got them.

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