Squad Battles – How to Earn FIFA Coins PlayStation Playing it

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Squad Battles – How to Earn FIFA Coins PlayStation Playing it

Squad Battles is a single-player game mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. It offers numerous rewards to players, including FIFA coins PlayStation. It is a weekly competition and is open to all global players. Players can go head-to-head with other teams across the FUT community.

The gameplay is pretty much like FUT, with its ranking modes that go up and down based on your performance in the game. Players can earn different rewards, such as FIFA coins PlayStation, which they can trade in the Transfer Market.

How to Qualify for Squad Battles

You do not need to qualify to play Squad Battles. It is an open game and all players, irrespective of experience or location, can play. However, you are required to pay a monthly subscription to play seamlessly if you are playing on a console, such as PlayStation or Xbox.

It is worth mentioning that Squad Battles has a ranking system, which determines the rewards accrued to players, including FIFA coins PlayStation.

How Squad Battles Ranking System Work

The ranking system in Squad Battles is shown through Showdown Point. Players earn these points during the weekly matches. The points determine players’ position in the weekly competition. Each position has a specific player percentage to play in Squad Battles.

You must play well to attain the highest levels to proceed to the next stage of the competition. To achieve higher rankings in the game mode, you must earn ample Showdown Points over other players in the competition. It is possible to change rankings even if you do little during the competition.

For instance, if you earn good Showdown Points at the start of the week and stop playing, you can still attain one of the first ranks with your good points. However, if you have fewer Showdown Points or stop playing while other players continue playing and earn high points, you can drop down in ranking and out of the game.

How to Know Your Showdown Points after Each Match

There are different ways to determine the number of Showdown Points you earn after each match. However, it largely depends on whether you win or lose. The first 40 games you play in the weekly competition make up your Match Points.

Other games you play after then do not give you any points. Therefore, you must strive for the best performance in your first 40 matches to get to the highest ranking possible and earn more FIFA coins PlayStation.


Like many games in FUT, Squad Battles is a highly competitive game mode where you have to use your team to play against other players’ teams. You can play it offline and rank in the highest position.

Your ability to create an elite team and boost your performance will determine your success and rewards, such as FIFA coins PlayStation. If you want to earn the best rewards, you must train hard, assemble the best team, and give it your all.

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