How to Improve Your Game and Earn FIFA 23 Coins PS4

fifa 23 coins ps4

How to Improve Your Game and Earn FIFA 23 Coins PS4

Not everyone starts playing FIFA 23 as a pro. The truth is some are just learning the ropes and hoping to get better so they can earn more FIFA 23 coins PS4. It does not matter the level you are currently at, you can always learn one or two things from expert tips.

This post looks at four ways you can improve your game in FIFA 23 and earn more coins. Let us get right into the details.

The Perfect Formation: How to Select the Best Formation in FIFA 23

One of the first areas to organize when playing FIFA 23 is your Formations and Custom Tactics. There are different formation types that you can explore. We recommend you set up three formations, which are attacking, defensive, and balanced systems.

For your attacking formation, consider the 4-4-2 Flat, which is very effective for pressing when you are losing. Choose a formation like 4-2-3-1 for your defensive. It is very effective on all FIFA editions, including FIFA 23.

For your balanced formations, consider a wider formation of 4-1-2-1-2 or a narrow style of 4-1-2-1-2 (2). The important thing is to have variety in-game and keep your tactics balanced.

Player Switching: How to Leverage this for your Game to earn FIFA 23 Coins PS4

The secret to excellent defending is Player Switching. FIFA 23 has a new feature, Adaptive Right Stick Switching, which is available in the controller settings. It enables you to press and hold the right analog stick for longer and select a player further away.

You will benefit from this feature if you have an issue with the right stick switching. It offers a visual reference for where you aim your right stick. With this, you know precisely where you are switching to during practice.

Focus on Pace

The pace is crucial to your success in FIFA 23 and your ability to earn more FIFA 23 coins PS4. With the Running Jockey controlled, you now have to deal more with opposition attackers when racing behind for the through ball.

Also, you have to consider the new acceleration types of players, which are lengthy, explosive, and controlled. Lengthy get more acceleration when running a longer distance and explosive gets acceleration boosts at the start.

Controlled is more of a generic acceleration, which is even from the start. Players are positioned in certain accelerate types according to their stats. Check the player’s stats when working on your formation to know the right player to put in what position.

Power Shots: Know how to take them

The Power Shot is a new feature that offers additional power and accuracy to shots. You can perform this feat. All you have to do is hit the L1 and R1 and Shoot. You can also hit the LB and RB and Shoot, depending on your console.

The perfect trick to achieve a Power Shot is to aim for the goalkeeper to get started. As you understand how it works, your shot will get better and you can shoot at your target flawlessly.

FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – Conclusion

Finally, know when and how to take low shots. To do this, hit any type of shot with less than 40% power. This becomes a low shot. Using low shots is great for when you want to shoot across goals. It is also perfect for 1v1 games.

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