How to Play FIFA 23 Online to Earn FIFA Coins

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How to Play FIFA 23 Online to Earn FIFA Coins

Whether you want to challenge your mate to a friendly match or take on the World of FIFA Ultimate Team, you can play it all online. FIFA 23 offers a few online modes that allow gamers to play against random opponents or with friends on the internet to earn FIFA coins. Before you get to play online, you must have an active PS Plus subscription package. You will need to register as an Xbox Live Gold member if you use Xbox.

Steps-by-Step Guide to Play FIFA 23 Online to Earn FIFA Coins

It takes simple steps to set up and start playing FIFA 23 with your friends. The best part is you can earn plenty of FIFA coins while you are at it. Here are the simple steps to start playing your favorite matches.

Step 1: Launch FIFA 23 on your PC or gaming console.

Step 2: From the main menu, navigate to Play Modes and choose and click on the “Quick Play Modes” menu.

Step 3: Move to “Online Friendlies” in the next menu and select it.

Step 4: Wait patiently as the game loads. Click on the “New Friendly Season” button when it comes up, and you will see a list menu showing both your offline and online friends.

Step 5: Choose a friend to play with and wait for them to come online and join. It may be a good idea to call them up to join your match so you do not have to wait for them for long.

Step 6: Select the national or club team you would like to play with and complete the team and game settings before starting the match.

That is all it takes to play online with any of your friends to earn FIFA coins. It is also possible to play against random users online.

How to Play Against Random Gamers Online

Step 1: Launch FIFA 23 on your PC or game console and move to the main menu. Look for the “Seasons” menu and click on it. Next, select “Play Match”.

Step 2: The team you choose as your favorite when launching the game for the first time is your Default team. However, you can change. Select the “Change Team & Kit” option from the menu and change your team. You can match-make the settings to change your team before starting the match. The Match-making settings enable you to streamline your search for the opponent type you will play against.

Step 3: Next, click “Search” and wait for the game to match you with a random opponent. That’s it! You can start playing with your opponent and rake in the FIFA coins while at it.


You can play FIFA 23 online to earn FIFA coins. You have the freedom to play with your friends or any random opponent. However, you must be an active PlayStation Plus subscriber or a member of Xbox Live Gold to access this feature in FIFA 23.


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