Inertial Drift Offers Easy and Simple Racing Fun

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Inertial Drift Offers Easy and Simple Racing Fun

Are you looking for a new and exciting racing game to play? If so, you might want to check out Inertial Drift, a game that combines arcade-style racing with a real drift system. In this article, we will tell you what makes Inertial Drift a great cheap Xbox One games option. So, here are the things that we will talk about:

  • Unique control system
  • Beautiful and diverse setting
  • Variety of modes and challenges
  • Easy to learn but hard to master

Cheap Xbox One Games – Key Features

Unique Control System

One of the most distinctive features of Inertial Drift is its control system. Unlike most racing games, where you use the analog stick to steer your car, Inertial Drift uses the right stick to control the angle and direction of your drift.

This means that you must master the art of balancing your speed, throttle, and braking to perform smooth and stylish drifts. The game also has 16 different cars, each with its own handling and drifting characteristics.

Beautiful and Diverse Setting

Another reason why Inertial Drift is a great game is its setting. The game takes place in a futuristic version of Japan, where you can race through neon-lit streets, scenic mountain roads, and lush forests.

The game has 20 tracks, each with its own layout and challenges. You can enjoy the stunning visuals and the dynamic weather effects as you race against your opponents or the clock.

Variety of Modes and Challenges

Inertial Drift is not just about racing, it’s also about improving your skills and having fun. The game has a variety of modes and challenges that will keep you entertained and engaged.

You can play the story mode, where you follow the journey of two aspiring racers as they compete in different events and face different rivals.

Play the arcade mode too, where you can choose any track and car and race for the best time or score. Also play ghost mode, where you can race against your own or other players’ ghosts and try to beat them.

Easy to Learn but Hard to Master

The last reason why Inertial Drift is a great game is its difficulty level. The game is easy to learn but hard to master. You can start with the beginner mode, where the game will help you with the drifting controls and guide you through the tracks.

After that, you move on to the intermediate or expert mode, where the game will challenge you with more difficult tracks and opponents. You can also adjust the difficulty level of each event in the story mode.

Cheap Xbox One Games – Conclusion

Inertial Drift is a racing game that offers a unique and fun experience for everyone. It has a lot of cool features that make it a great cheap Xbox One games option. So, be sure to check it out, and also try other awesome racing games like F1 Manager 2022.

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