Is the New MotoGP 23 Any Good?

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Is the New MotoGP 23 Any Good?

There is something about racing around on heavy bikes that you simply cannot find in any other type of racing. That is what kept MotoGP going for so many years now. However, in recent years, other games are starting to offer that thrill as well, and that means MotoGP needs to evolve. Thankfully, the new game has a lot to offer that makes it worth its Xbox games price. Here are the key features that you can find in this game:

  • Solid career mode
  • Licensed teams and riders
  • Brand new tracks
  • Cross-play multiplayer

Xbox Games Price – Key Features

Solid Career Mode

Firstly, the game offers players a solid career mode where you get to play your entire MotoGP career. You begin as a rookie and move through different stages to become a world champion.

Of course, that involves a lot of racing, and to make sure you win, the game does offer a full tutorial as well.

The career mode also has social media in it, and your popularity also affects how other drivers treat you on the track. You can also use the Turning Points option to fast-track your career.

Licensed Teams and Riders

Secondly, the thing that really makes this game immersive is that you can compare it to real-life racing. The game offers actual riders and teams that are racing in the real world.

So, the game uses the 2022 season lineup, and there are 120 official riders to choose from. However, this also means that Francesco Bagnaia rides for Ducati.

Brand New Tracks

Thirdly, the game is going to offer the brand-new Indian GP track as well. The Buddh International Circuit is different from other tracks and offers a unique playing experience for the players.

While the official round count comes to 20 due to the Aragon GP and Finnish GP officially off, we may still see more circuits. This is thanks to the historical content that the game may have.

Cross-Play Multiplayer

Finally, if there is one thing that fans ask for all the time, it is cross-play. Thankfully, it seems that MotoGP 23 will deliver that too, and it includes both Xbox and PS.

Nintendo Switch players will not be able to join in, though. The game also offers a local split-screen gaming option that you will love. So, that will make your hangouts a lot more fun too!

Xbox Games Price – Summing Up

In conclusion, the new MotoGP 23 looks like a great option for anyone who wants to play a good racing game. So, it is quite likely that the game will be worth its Xbox games price. Of course, you do still have the option to enjoy other cool racing games, especially in the F1 category like F1 22.

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