Massive New Open World Unveiled for Call of Duty Zombies

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Massive New Open World Unveiled for Call of Duty Zombies

The next Call of Duty installment aims to make Zombies bigger than ever before. Recently, Activision dropped a revealing trailer with various modes coming in Modern Warfare III. It gave the first tease of an open world for the popular Zombies co-op mode in Xbox games.

Though details remain scarce, people compare this new landscape to the Outbreak mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. So, players will work together to battle huge swarms of the undead. However, these new Zombies spaces will be bigger than anything out there.

Xbox Games Going Bigger Than Previous Zombies Maps

The new open world teaser shows that Activision is taking things to a whole new level in size. The game will have the “largest Call of Duty Zombies maps ever” created. For a mode known for undead combat in small spaces, moving to such a massive open world will be a major shift.

Standalone Zombies Reveal Expected Soon

Players are hungry to witness these ambitious new Zombies maps in action for themselves. For now, they can only speculate on how an open world translate to the tense undead survival gameplay loop. The possibilities are immense and highly intriguing.

More Than Just Zombies in Modern Warfare III

Of course, the blockbuster Call of Duty releases contain far more than just the popular Zombies mode. The Modern Warfare III trailer highlighted both the return of classic beloved multiplayer maps, as well as an inventive new mission style for the story campaign.

These new campaign missions go by the name “open combat missions”. This design philosophically falls in line with the Zombies open world, promoting player freedom and unpredictable gameplay.

Cinematic Story Missions Still Included

At the same time, Activision says that these new open combat missions are not replacing the more cinematic story events that the series is famous for.

Open combat is simply there to provide even more diversity in the solo campaign. This way, players get the best of both worlds – big bombastic story moments, as well as unique missions with more choices.

Concerns Around Premium Pricing

Many people don’t want to pay a premium cost just to play the new Zombies maps and modes, on top of the base game price. Some players feel this will fracture the community between those who pay more versus those who don’t. Others call into question the value behind such high costs.

Xbox Games Expecting Huge Things

So, it seems this new Xbox games entry in the Call of Duty series will be a huge hit. While you wait for that to become a reality, you can spend some time playing the current latest CoD game. Right now that would be, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

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