FIFA Coins-How to Score FIFA 23 Penalty and Increase Earnings

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FIFA Coins-How to Score FIFA 23 Penalty and Increase Earnings

Participating in FIFA 23 Weekend League comes with its highs and lows. Sometimes, you try your best and the ball would just refuses to go beyond the goalkeeper. Then, you get lucky and you have a penalty but still, you miss that. Nothing can be as frustrating as that when playing the Weekend League. You know that for every miss you get, your chances of scoring reduce, and so does your chance of earning some FIFA coins at the end.

So, how can you rectify this? How do you score FIFA 23 penalty almost every time? Read this post for the best guide.

Tip #1: Scoring from the Penalty Spot to Increase FIFA Coins Earnings

Surprisingly, penalties are easier to score in FIFA 23 than in FIFA 22. You no longer have to shoot into the corner with a perfect circle. Instead, you only need to find the perfect timing and you are unlikely to miss the goal.

When playing a penalty, watch out for the changes on the pitch. You will see the circle surrounding the ball getting bigger and smaller with the color changing from red to green. Your goal is to click when the circle is the smallest and on the green.

Note that the circle changes size fast. Therefore, you must focus to hit the aim. Consider clicking the shooting button a bit earlier to give you a higher probability of catching the best moment. When you click, aim into the corner, especially the top corner of the goalpost.

Tip #2: Saving the Penalty

Well, everyone wants to score a penalty, but you surely do not want one scored in your net. So, how do you prevent this? In the previous edition, you can determine where a player will direct the shot simply by looking at his eyes.

However, this tiny detail has been removed from FIFA 23. That means you have no way of knowing and it all depends on luck. However, selecting a good goalkeeper is crucial as this will increase the chance of saving the penalty if you are in the right corner.

Weak goalkeepers often lose. Therefore, invest your FIFA coins judiciously and choose an excellent goalkeeper for your squad.


FIFA 23 is different from previous versions in many ways and it may take a bit of practice to become pro in its features. The two tips highlighted above will help you in playing your penalty well.

You can increase your chances of scoring every time and also reduce the chances of an opponent scoring in your net. Follow the tips for better performance in your game. Following these tips also ensures you use your FIFA coins wisely when choosing goalkeepers and earn more with your skills.

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