Online Xbox Series X Games – WD and Microsoft Bringing Cheaper Expandable Storage

Online Xbox Series X Games

Online Xbox Series X Games – WD and Microsoft Bringing Cheaper Expandable Storage

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to offer new expandable storage options for its Xbox consoles. So, they are going to other manufacturers, and this is after three years of exclusively offering Seagate cards. Western Digital’s 1TB expansion card for the Xbox Series X/S consoles has been spotted on Best Buy. It is going for $179.99, and it is the first non-Seagate option we’ve seen. Playing your online Xbox Series X games should not be a problem now after you run up the internal storage.

Online Xbox Series X Games – Lockdown’s Impact on Expansion Cards

As lockdowns and movement restrictions were imposed during the pandemic, video games became a popular pastime. This means that the demand for gaming consoles and accessories went up by a lot.

So, what we saw in some products was a limited supply in terms of sales everywhere. As a result, the prices of gaming accessories skyrocketed around the world. So this also includes the Seagate Xbox expandable storage cards in stores and online.

A Small Ray of Hope on Best Buy

An additional manufacturer for Xbox expandable storage is much needed at this point. Eventually, there will be a push in prices in the right direction.

The WD C50 1TB expansion card is $40 less than the Seagate model and is going for $179.99 on Best Buy. However, the listing is no longer available now. However, it is still relatively expensive for 1TB of storage.

This is especially true when you compare it to similar storage options for PS5 consoles with much lower prices.

Soaring Prices Were Always a Thing

Microsoft initially launched its Xbox expandable storage cards three years ago. The price was $219.99 for 1TB storage, and Seagate was making them exclusively.

Despite the company offering 512GB and 2TB options, prices almost never came down. This was a clear indication that there was a dire need for a new manufacturer to increase competition and improve pricing.

Proprietary vs Standard

Microsoft uses proprietary storage for its Xbox Series X/S consoles, and the purpose is to make installation easier. However, the downside is that prices remain high as only one manufacturer is available.

On the other hand, Sony uses a more standard M.2 SSD expandable storage slot for the PS5 consoles. So, PS5 owners can use a variety of drives on the market, including slow PCIe Gen4 drives.

Online Xbox Series X Games – Hoping for a Competitive Market

The prices of expandable storage for Xbox consoles remain high. However, we think the entry of WD into the market will reduce prices for sure.

This, in turn, will make them more affordable for consumers overall. This move will likely increase competition, lead to lower prices, and bring more choice and availability of expandable storage.

The online Xbox Series X games industry is expecting a lot of exponential growth over the next few years.

So, it is important that accessories such as expandable storage become more affordable and accessible to a wider audience. Consequently, playing games like Elden Ring or CoD should no longer be an issue.

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