Receive Loyalty in FIFA 23 and Earn More FIFA Coins Xbox One

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Receive Loyalty in FIFA 23 and Earn More FIFA Coins Xbox One

FIFA 23 has its unique differences. Although they are not much, the tweaks are big enough to make a difference in your gaming and FIFA coins Xbox One earnings. For instance, Chemistry is different and obtaining loyalty in SBCs depends on this. This post looks at how you can get loyalty in FIFA 23 and how it impacts your earning potential.

What to Know about FIFA 23 Loyalty

You have two ways to acquire loyalty in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. First, all players from packs are loyal automatically. Secondly, players who play ten matches for your club become loyal to your squad. Of course, it is difficult to get all players to play up to ten matches in your squad.

You may not even like the player in the first place. So, how do you put up with them to play ten matches? What if you want a particular player for your SBC? What do you do in that instance? Thankfully, you can work around it, especially the ten-match minimum part.

Loyalty Glitch in FIFA 23: How to do it

You can boycott the ten-match minimum requirement by leveraging loyalty glitch. How does this work? The first thing is to boot up FIFA Ultimate Team and ensure each player you need to get the loyalty bonus is resident in your squad.

You can copy the squad directly from the SBC page and place it in a new squad if you are submitting a squad for an SBC. Next, move your squad to the Live FIFA Ultimate Team Friendlies page. From there, select from any game mode of choice.

Players need to play ten matches here but they do not have to complete them to count. After a few minutes, you can quit a match and this will still count as a played game. Repeat the process ten times to make up the ten matches and you will achieve the loyalty bonus.

How to Improve Your FIFA Coins Xbox One Earning with Loyalty Glitch

Having the right players in your squad is important when playing SBC or any other game mode. When you select the best players and play them through the Loyalty Glitch, you acquire them and place them in your squad.

This ensures better performance from your squad. The better your performance, the higher the rewards you can get. Higher rewards also mean you can trade more items for FIFA coins Xbox One on the transfer market.

FIFA Coins Xbox One – Conclusion

Leveraging the Loyalty Glitch is the best way to get loyalty in FIFA 23. As you already know, loyalty remains important in SBC and FUT, as it can increase your earning potential in the game. You can earn more FIFA coins Xbox One and trade them for profit.

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