Free FIFA Coins Xbox One: Top FIFA Scams to Avoid

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Free FIFA Coins Xbox One: Top FIFA Scams to Avoid

FIFA offers the opportunity to participate in FUT challenges and compete with others to earn FIFA coins Xbox One. The more matches you win, the more coins you get in your wallet. With these coins, gamers can buy expensive players, such as Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Neymar, and others.

Gamers can also make profits from their gaming activities, which makes the game a serious endeavor. With the opportunity to make gains, many would want to cheat and steal so they can afford the best players.

Many also look for shortcuts to steal others’ coins to improve their squads. These gamers perform these frauds by scamming others. This post looks at different scams players are susceptible to falling for and how to avoid them.

What Scams Involves FIFA Coins Xbox One?

Here are different FIFA coins Xbox One scams you must avoid.

#1: Free FIFA Coins Xbox One Scam

Many gamers have been defrauded by the promise of free FIFA coins Xbox One. Some platforms promise gamers millions of free coins with their coin generators. They get into conversation with you and tease you with the possibility of getting free coins.

As you continue chatting with them, they lure you in, and once you get hooked, they scam you. These scammers will assure you they would not collect any money from you. They will request to have your FIFA account login details to enable them to transfer the coins.

Once you send your details to them, they will wipe your account assets. They may also use your account for nefarious activities and get you banned. So, how can you avoid this? Do not give your login details to anyone you do not trust. Even when buying FIFA coins Xbox One, ensure you use only reputable sellers like

#2: Doubling//Exchanging FUT Cards Scam

Here is another way you can get scammed. A scammer can ask to exchange FUT cards with you. They wait until they gain your trust before striking. When they have your trust, they ask you to put your card on the transfer market and promise to exchange it for another valuable card you want.

After placing transferring the card to them, they stop communicating with you. They will go with your card without giving you anything in return. Therefore, exercise caution when exchanging cards with anyone. Never engage in such transactions with a stranger.

#3: Selling FIFA Coins Xbox One Scam

Many people fall for this scam. How does it work? Scammers pose as genuine coin sellers and pretend to offer you comfortable trade options. All they want is to get into your account and defraud you. r

They will collect your login details and money without delivering the FIFA coins Xbox One they promised. We recommend that you avoid suspicious sellers and stick to only reputable ones. Avoid random coin sellers on Twitter or Facebook.


There are different techniques scammers use to defraud unsuspecting gamers. The goal is to steal from you and make you lose your coins. Knowing how they operate will help you to avoid them.

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