FIFA Coins PlayStation-3 Ways to Deal with Legendary Difficulty

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FIFA Coins PlayStation-3 Ways to Deal with Legendary Difficulty

It is a known fact that the Legendary Difficulty level in FIFA 23 is a big challenge for many players. For a start, it has its peculiar issue with regards to the AI movement and faster ball passing than any player could react. This makes the level highly frustrating. One popular method of achieving a more balanced experienced when playing this game is to adjust the sliders. However, there are other techniques you can use when playing this difficulty level to earn more FIFA coins PlayStation.

Techniques for Better Performance with Legendary Difficulty in FIFA 23

You can earn more FIFA coins PlayStation by playing Legendary Difficulty in FIFA 23. However, the game can take its toll and frustrate your effort to achieve a goal. So, how do you improve your performance to increase your earnings? Here are the top tips to help you.

Tip #1 to Improve Performance and get more FIFA Coins PlayStation: Exercise Patience

You can guide against counter-attacks and improve scoring when you exercise patience while pressuring your opponent’s defenses and building attacks. Like you, your competition’s defenders jockey. This makes it difficult to take them on.

Any uncalculated move can dispossess you of the ball. In this scenario, dribbling the ball around the midfield and strategizing on your next move on attacking is a suitable strategy. This is better than playing long balls or making risky passes.

When you constantly play the higher lines and press the opposition, you become vulnerable in your defense. That is because you leave space for an attack from your opponent.

Tip #2 to Improve Performance and earn FIFA Coins PlayStation: Maintain Possession at all Costs

It is dangerous to lose possession in legendary difficulty because both the higher and lower-ranked players are ready to fire during counterattacks.

When you lose the ball possession, it may take up to two or three passes for your opponent to concede the ball. This can be disastrous, especially if players are within the penalty area. As you already know, the AI’s shot power is powerful and mostly unstoppable.

Getting disposed of the ball at a critical time can get you a score against your team. Losses like this deprive you of earning more FIFA coins PlayStation.

Tip #3 to Enhance Performance in Legendary Difficulty: Use Constant Pressure Tactic

Although this static use up lots of your players’ energy and stamina, using it can be highly beneficial to you. It leaves your opposition in panic mode and scared of releasing the ball. Additionally, it makes them make many mistakes, which can increase your opportunity to recover the ball.

Using pressure tactics can be a game-changer in achieving goals. We recommend you practice this tactic before using it as it can backfire if done inappropriately. The AI can leverage the loop and counterattack.


These are three top tips to maximize your performance in Legendary Difficulty. It takes practice to get to this level, and breaking through is even more difficult. However, with the right tactics, you can gain competence and earn more FIFA coins PlayStation.

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