Top 3 Career Mode Challenges to Play to earn More FIFA Coins

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Top 3 Career Mode Challenges to Play to earn More FIFA Coins

Career Mode challenges offer numerous opportunities to test your skills and earn more FIFA coins. Although the FUT is the benchmark for the FIFA series, the offline career mode is not any less popular among players.

The new FIFA edition now has numerous new features in Career Mode, making it a strong contender with the popular FIFA Ultimate Team Mode. So, if you want to take a break from playing FUT, the Career Mode challenges highlighted in this post are some alternatives to consider.

#1: Earn More FIFA Coins from Youth Academy Focus

Your ability to train and build a youth academy is an exclusive feature of career mode. With a bit of effort and patience, you can curate a starting eleven top-quality team graduates. That is an achievement you will be proud of.

Without a doubt, training players to upgrade their OVR rating is crucial to their careers, and doing this with teenagers is highly satisfying.

So, if you want something different and interesting, scout a selection of potential youngsters and integrate them into your first team. You can make loads of FIFA coins when you upgrade these players.

#2: Create Your Club

EA first introduced the “create your club” concept in FIFA 22 career mode and made minor updates to this feature in FIFA 23. While this makes you start from scratch, the effort is worth your while and it is highly rewarding. Following the popularity of FUT’s limitless customization options, you can build your club from scratch in pursuit of glory.

The settings allow you to efficiently determine the specific difficulty level for your club’s career. You can start from the lower league and gradually build your team to the highest difficulty level as you test your management qualities. This is one of the top career mode challenges that can boost your skills and earnings.

#3: Transfer Ban

You can follow the footsteps of Chelsea of the English Premier League and join the challenge of the transfer ban. This challenge offers the best baptism for newcomers in career mode. The transfer ban forces gamers to utilize their initiative to deal with adversity.

Since you cannot transfer or sign new players, you have to hold out for as long as you can and focus on getting your players from the youth academy or recalling loan players to boost your squad. Doing this challenge improves your skills, and the reward for it is better performance and more opportunities to earn FIFA coins.

Earn Fifa Coins – Final Thoughts

Career Mode offers numerous features that gamers can explore. These are three options you can check out to boost your FIFA coins earning potential. Other challenges you can take up to boost your skills and earning power include Road to Glory, selling your best players, building the best team, and striving to win the league every year.

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