Which FIFA 23 SBCs Give the Best Instant FIFA Coins as Profits?

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Which FIFA 23 SBCs Give the Best Instant FIFA Coins as Profits?

EA Sports releases new FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenges each week and people put several Instant FIFA Coins into different player types and rewards. At the end of the day, many people do not win anything.

The reason for this is simple. You must choose your SBCs carefully and focus on those with maximum earning potential. This post looks at top SBCs that will deliver more instant FIFA coins to your wallet.

What Squad Building Challenges should you Play?

Since the beginning of the year, EA Sports has released some of the craziest challenges and will continue for the rest of the year. The company understands how important to manage the market and uses SBCs to ensure this.

For instance, when a player opens a pack, they immediately distribute them across different challenges and this removes too many players from the transfer market. While playing SBCs is important, some guarantee a profit, while some will put you in worst situations as far as your instant FIFA coins are concerned. So, which SBCs should you play?

Foundations I, II, and III

The truth is you must complete Foundation I to unlock other SBCs. In other words, it is mandatory. Thankfully, it is easy to complete and in fact, you can complete the three Foundation Squad Building Challenges. However, you must note that they do not give so many instant FIFA coins and that is because their prerequisites are low.

You will get bronze and silver player packs as rewards when you complete these levels. While these players may not be top-of-the-rack, you will need them as you progress, and having them in your club will make things cheaper for you.

Advanced SBCs

After completing the Foundational SBCs, the next step is to progress to the Advanced SBCs. EA Sports made several changes to these games this year, and many people avoid them. For a start, you cannot trade the rewards you earn from these challenges, including instant FIFA coins.

However, they are worth completing. You will find three advanced SBCs, which are Hybrid League, Nation Hybrid, and Hybrid Nation. Each has four challenges, and starting them is quite easy.

As you continue, they become harder, but they are still easier compared to those of the previous years. The current Advanced SBCs do not require chemistry and loyalty. While you cannot trade the rewards, you can use them in other future SBCs or use them for your club.

Marquee Matchups

These are released weekly and cover different competitions and tournaments. They contain three to four challenges based on matches for the week. While the rewards are not huge, you can still make profits from them. If you complete the games and ramp up more players, you will have better rewards.


These are some SBCs you should complete to earn more instant FIFA coins. They guarantee profits and you can increase your gameplay with the skills acquired from them.


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