XCOM 2 Gets Huge Price Drop to Amuse the Gamers

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XCOM 2 Gets Huge Price Drop to Amuse the Gamers

The hit turn-based strategy game XCOM 2 usually costs $59.99. But for a very limited time, you can buy it in the Microsoft Store for an unbelievably low price of $2.99. That’s a huge 95% discount on one of the best recent strategy games! It might be one of the best online Xbox series X Games now.

Online Xbox Series X Games – XCOM Has a Unique and Fun Gameplay Style

XCOM 2 lets you control a group of soldiers fighting to free Earth from alien rule. The aliens have taken over and your soldiers form the last resistance. You’ll build bases, research new weapons and abilities, and plan guerrilla missions to disrupt the alien agenda.

This offers players chances to show creativity and solve tough challenges as they encounter different alien units and obstacles. The tactical combat system is deep and engaging, allowing for many different strategies and squad compositions.

At $59.99, XCOM 2 may be expensive for some. But at just $2.99, it’s an absolute steal. The sale is for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members. If you have either, you can get XCOM 2 for a crazy low price.

Play While Waiting for The Next XCOM Game

Fans are eagerly awaiting XCOM 3. Playing XCOM 2 for such a low cost is a great way to satisfy your strategy cravings while you wait. It will also serve as a great warm-up for when you’re ready to play the next title.

But again, the limited-time $2.99 sale price will disappear once the deal expires. In just hours, the game will jump back up to $50+. So, act fast if you want this critically acclaimed hit for a steal!

XCOM 2 Received Rave Reviews

When released in 2016, XCOM 2 won praise for its expanded tactical options and strategic depth over the previous game. Players enjoyed forming bonds with soldiers and the ever-present threat of permadeath in combat. The tactical combat also led to thrilling and unpredictable battles.

Online Xbox Series X Games – XCOM 2 Should Be in Your Collection Now

So, if you’ve been curious about XCOM 2, now is the time! For just $2.99, you get an acclaimed strategy game with 40+ hours of fighting alien invaders. The bargain price makes it hard to pass up.

But you need to act quickly. Once the limited-time sale ends, the full price of $59.99 will likely return. Don’t miss your chance to get XCOM 2 for less than the cost of a coffee! The future of humanity depends on it…

Ok, not really, but you’ll get tons of enjoyment from this major price cut on an all-time great strategy game. The clock is ticking, so buy XCOM 2 now before this amazing deal disappears!

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