FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One: Best Starter Players for Your Team

fifa 23 coins xbox one

FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One: Best Starter Players for Your Team

Investing FIFA 23 coins Xbox One in the best player is very crucial. They give you a competitive edge when competing against skilled opponents. Therefore, there are quality mix options you should consider for a successful FIFA 23 gaming experience.

In this post, we look at the best overall players in terms of the strongest, fastest, best dribblers, and best finishers in the game. Here are the top players to invest in for MyTeam.

#1: Invest FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One in Karim Benzema

The 2022 Ballon d’Or winner, with a 91 OVR, is the highest-rated player in FIFA 23. His best stats are 92 in Finishing, 92 in Reactions, and 92 in Positioning. Benzema offers one of the best attacking qualities and he remains an authentic modern-day striker.

The Real Madrid captain is a powerful player with exceptional qualities, making him a must-have for gamers looking to achieve excellent performance and earn more FIFA 23 coins Xbox One.

#2 Best Starter worth Investing in FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One: Robert Lewandowski

The 34-year-old Lewandowski is one of the top players this generation has produced. Having him in your squad offers you a great opportunity to improve your team’s performance. Robert Lewandowski has an incredible 94-rating in Finishing and Positioning.

He also has a 93-rating in Reactions, a 91-rating in Heading Accuracy and Shot Power, a 90-rating in Penalties, and an 89-rating in Volleys. When you need a prolific frontman to do all the attacking for you, Lewandowski is the player to invest in.

#3: Kylian Mbappe

Here is another exceptional player and the best young player globally. He is right on his way to being the greatest of all time, thanks to his overall achievements and qualities. Mbappe is a popular player with mind-blowing ratings.

The Frenchman has a 97 rating in Pace, 97 in Acceleration, 97 in Sprint Speed, 93 in Finishing, 93 in Dribbling, and 92 in Positioning. He is 24 years old and the second-highest scorer in Paris Saint-Germain.

#4: Kevin De Bruyne

With an OVR of 91, Bruyne is a great player worth investing your FIFA 23 coins Xbox One on in MyTeam. The truth is only a few players are more technically gifted than Bruyne.

He is a skilled player with exceptional technique, work rate off the ball, vision, excellent long-range shooting ability, and a wide range of passing. The midfielder is highly talented and versatile and a gem to any team in FIFA 23.

His ratings include 94 in Crossing and Vision, 93 in Short Passing and Long Passing, 92 in Shot Power, 91 in Reactions, and 90 in Ball Control. He is indeed one of the highest-rated player cards in FIFA 23.

#5: Lionel Messi

It is impossible to talk about the best player cards for MyTeam in FIFA 23 to invest in without talking about Lionel Messi. Messi is a creative playmaker and prolific scorer. He is everything a gamer wants from a forward.

He has exceptional ball control, quick feet, and a dribbling style like no one else. His ratings are unique, including 96 in Composure, 95 in Dribbling and Balance, 94 in Vision, and 93 in Positioning, Ball Control, and Free Kick Accuracy.

Final Thought

These are top players worth spending your FIFA 23 coins Xbox One. You must know that these players are not cheap. However, you do not have to despair if you do not have enough coins. You can buy some from at an affordable price.


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