Are FIFA Coins Transferable from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23?

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Are FIFA Coins Transferable from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23?

With the launch of FIFA 23, many people have asked if it is possible to transfer their FIFA coins from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23. This post provides answers to this question. Let’s start from the beginning.

To enhance a team in FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, gamers must open their game packs and trade item cards on the Transfer Market. They sell what they do not need and buy what they need. To do this, they need FIFA coins for the transactions.

Usually, the more coins in your possession, the more packs and items you can purchase in FIF Ultimate Team mode. Since cross-platform is available in FIFA 23, is it applicable to coin transfer, and can you transfer your coins from the previous game version to the latest?

FIFA Coins are Not Transferable from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23

If you have played previous FIFA versions, you will understand that EA Sports has never allowed the transfer of FIFA coins from one version to the other. The rule remains the same for FIFA 23.

Apart from coins, you are also unable to transfer your game progress from the previous version to the latest except in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. That means it is not all bad news. What does this mean? You can transfer your game progress from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23.

That means as soon as you decide to move and upgrade to the latest version, you must migrate your progress. If you do not, your Career Mode info, including players and progress, Online Friendlies, Seasons, and Pro Clubs will disappear. To avoid this, you must take steps to save some of your progress while upgrading.

How to Save Game Assets from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23

  • Run FIFA 23 on the same platform you use for FIFA 22, such as a console or PC.
  • You will see some on-screen prompts when the game comes up. Follow the instructions.
  • When you see the progress carry-over screen, confirm you would like to carry over your items and data to the new version.

This completes the movement, and you can see your assets and data in FIFA 23. The transferable items include FUT 22 Points, FUT 22 Club Profile, and FUT Pre-season Rewards. However, your FIFA Coins from FIFA 22 are non-transferable.

Other assets you cannot transfer or trade include unopened packs, unassigned items, cards, career mode’s progress, FUT Club Data & Records, Division’s level & Progress, and Match History & Records.


You cannot transfer your FIFA coins from the previous version in FUT. However, you can transfer your FIFA Points and change them to FIFA 23 Points. You can trade off your coins to a friend who may want to play FIFA 22.

If you need more coins for your new game, you can buy them from a reputable platform like You can also play many FUT matches to win more coin rewards or trade items on Transfer Market.


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