Best Strategies to Make FIFA 23 Coins in FUT

FIFA 23 coins

Best Strategies to Make FIFA 23 Coins in FUT

Coins are an integral in-game currency for building a squad in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). You will generally earn a few FIFA 23 Coins whenever you play in FUT 23, whether you win or lose.

However, you need lots of coins to sign the best players in your game. In this post, we will offer you the best strategies to make FIFA 23 Coins in the game. Let’s get started!

How to Make FIFA 23 Coins in FUT

After deciding on the perfect formations and custom tactics for your team, the next step is to get the best players. As mentioned, you need adequate Coins to buy the best players. So, how do you get the FIFA 23 Coins you need? Here are our best strategies.

  • Play Lots of Matches

The easiest way to acquire plenty of Coins is to play the game. You earn many Coins after each game based on your performance. These can add up pretty fast to increase your resources.

Also, as you go through Milestones and Season Progress, you unlock more Coin Boosts, which you can use to boost your Coins volume.

  • Participate in Division Rivals and Squad Battles

You can also earn FIFA 23 Coins fast if you regularly play Divisional Rivals and Squad Battles matches. You acquire points for winning or losing matches in Squad Battles each week and can attain various rewards tiers with time.

As you rise through the ranks, you earn better rewards, which increase your Coins amounts. Make sure you stay off untradeable packs if you want to trade your players on the transfer market in the future because you will be unable to sell them but only use them in SBCs.


  • Buy Players for Less at the Transfer Market

You must regularly visit the transfer market to buy the best players at the best prices. While the sales do not happen frequently, you can still buy players for significantly cheaper than their value.

You can access these deals on the Web App, Companion App on the smartphone, or in-game. It is also a good idea to look out for auctions. You can wait until the auction is about to close to lodge your bid.

If you are lucky, you can secure a card for 50,000 instead of the 100,000 selling price, for example. We recommend you check late nights on Sundays until the early hours of Mondays to get the best prices on the transfer market.

  • Trade Players you do not need

Another way to make FIFA 23 Coins is to sell off players you do not need. Why keep assets you do not need? You can rake in massive Coins if you have a highly-rated player. You can sell them and cash in fast.

Before you trade a player, check out the average selling price on 3rd-party websites. This gives you a fair idea of the general value and prevents you from getting swindled.

These are the top four strategies to acquire more FIFA 23 Coins. Of course, you can acquire these Coins by paying attention to SBCs and not purchasing gold packs. Selling Cosmetics, such as Stadium Items and Kits, can also help you make more FIFA 23 Coins, especially if you have plenty of them.

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