Building a Solid Defensive Line: Top Defenders to Buy

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Building a Solid Defensive Line: Top Defenders to Buy

Building a team that cannot be defeated in any way is a dream of every FIFA 23. Where midfielders create chances and attack score goals for your team, the defense also keeps you alive in the game. Investing in the appropriate defenders can dramatically improve your team’s performance. Good defenders can help you win matches by stopping opponent attacks and gaining vital victories. In this post, we look at the greatest defenders in FIFA 23 that are worth all the FIFA coins PS4. Stay with us till the very end.

Buy Virgil Van Dijk with FIFA Coins PS4

Virgil van Dijk, the imposing center-back, is at the top of our list. Van Dijk has regularly been one of the highest-rated defenders in FIFA games, because of his outstanding positioning, strength, and aerial skills.

He has a rating of 90 in FIFA 23. Acquiring him in FIFA 23 will surely be a large investment, but his defensive qualities may serve as the backbone of a strong backline. In addition to his defensive qualities, he is a player who is an extremely good leader.

Invest on Marquinhos

Marquinhos has established himself as one of the best center-backs in the world. He has been phenomenal in the recent success of Paris Saint-Germain. In FIFA 23, his strong positioning, anticipation, and tackling abilities make him an excellent defensive asset. He has an overall rating of 88 making him one of the highest rated defenders. So, buy Marquinhos with FIFA coins PS4.

Buy Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is typically a defensive midfielder, but his mobility allows him to play as a right-back as well. His outstanding passing, tackling, and positioning abilities make him an excellent candidate for the right-back position in FIFA 23.

In fact, Kimmich is that one player who is better than most of the regular fullbacks in FIFA 23. With an overall rating of 89, Kimmich can improve your team’s tactical flexibility and defensive stability.

Spend on Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric Laporte, the Manchester City center-back, possesses great ball-playing talents as well as defensive positioning. His controlled style of play allows him to efficiently build from the back while also blocking opponents’ advances. Laporte’s presence on your team can be vital, thanks to his possession game. With an overall rating of 86, spending FIFA coins PS4 on Laporte will be a good choice.

Invest on Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane, who joined Manchester United from Real Madrid, is one of the most sought-after center-backs in FIFA 23. Varane adds solidity to any defense with his superb defensive abilities, quickness, and tactical knowledge. Investing in him can result in regular and dependable performances on the field. He has an overall rating of 84 in FIFA 23.

So, these are some of the solid defenders you can buy with FIFA coins PS4. Do consider your team’s playstyle before making the final choice.

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