FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – EA Sports Releases First Prime Icons

fifa 23 coins ps4

FIFA 23 Coins PS4 – EA Sports Releases First Prime Icons

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has a lot going on right now following the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. EA Sports earlier introduced the token swaps for Winter Wildcard Promo and the associated Squad Building Challenges. To take the excitement a notch higher, EA Sports has introduced the first set of Prime Icons in FIFA 23. What does this mean? It means gamers can now get Pele, R9, Ronaldo, or Roberto Carlos in their packs. It is worth mentioning that the developer has not released all Prime Icons. However, you can get most of the released packs on the transfer market. All you need is enough FIFA 23 coins PS4 for your transaction. While we cannot tell the specific time when the game developer will release the remaining legends, we think it should be anytime in the coming week.

Highlights of the Released Prime Icons and FIFA 23 Coins PS4 Required for their Purchase

You can now find some of the best cards in the game on the transfer market. If you have enough FIFA 23 coins PS4, you can play endgame cards right away. It is worth mentioning that Prime Icon Ronaldo currently costs more than 11 million FIFA coins.

Compared to Ronaldo, Pele with 98 OVR seems cheap at 5.8 million. R9 costs more than twice what you pay to buy Pele, but you have to decide if it is worth investing such an amount in him.

Which are the Best Prime Icons to Buy with FIFA 23 Coins PS4?

Gullit, Ronaldo, and Pele are the best Prime Icons to buy in FIFA 23. However, there are other players worth investing your FIFA 23 coins PS4 on without spending a fortune. Let us look at some great Prime Icons that are not as expensive but will deliver excellent performance.

  • Edwin van der Saar: 849,000 Coins
  • Rio Ferdinand: 643,000
  • Carlos Alberto Torres: 1,110,000
  • Roberto Carlos: 1,150,000
  • Paolo Maldini: 2,000,000
  • Patrick Vieira: 2,020,000
  • Eusebio: 3,300,000
  • Zinedine Zidane: 3,719,000
  • Johan Cruyff: 3,789,000
  • Pele: 5,800,000
  • Ruud Gullit: 6,000,000
  • Ronaldinho: 6,600,000
  • Ronaldo: 11,330,000

Which Prime Icons are yet to be released?

EA Sports did not release all the Prime Icons, as some prominent names still missing. According to sources, it will release a few Prime Icons with the SBC, but you should prepare to spend some FIFA 23 coins PS4 on the SBCs when they go live. Here are some Prime Icons EA Sports is yet to release:

  • Lev Yashin
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Lothar Matthaus
  • Eric Cantona
  • Jairzinho
  • Fernando Torres
  • Didier Drogba
  • Kaka
  • Michael Essien
  • Xabi Alonso
  • Rio Ferdinand
  • Philipp Lahm


The reason for the delay of these icons is not known. Also, EA Sports is yet to release the player cards in different badges. The game world is anticipating these releases, and hopefully, they will not dent a hole in our FIFA 23 coins PS4 wallet.


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